Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Secret Service and the Hookers

There are around a dozen variations of the Secret Service in Cartagena episode.  I've come to realize that today.  Some folks say that the Secret Service guys all gathered at some local bar and seem to thought it was just a upscale bar when it was a major brothel in Cartagena.  The number of hookers? goes up and down, from 21 to a dozen.  The disagreement over the money for the one hooker that erupted the whole thing?  Well....there's an indicator that whoever this was....may simply have not had anymore cash on him and he needed to get some kind of cash from the hotel guys.....maybe true, maybe false.

I'm thinking there could be more twists to the whole story by next weekend.  How many state department folks were involved in this?  How about the three hundred US news media personalities that were in Cartagena......were any of them involved with the ladies?  Were any of the ladies involved.....possibly men in drag?  You just don't know.

My help out the President, the Secret Service, and all the guys supporting the mission.....start having these events in some dry county in Bama.  Once the Secret Service gets unpacked....they can sip a Doctor Pepper at the hotel bar and have some corn curls.  Around 10PM, we'd shut down the non-alcohol bar and encourage everyone to check for snakes under their bed before sleeping that night.  Everyone would be  woke up in the morning with free pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice trucked up from Orlando.

Maybe that's the only way to keep the Secret Service pure and everyone envisions.