Monday, 23 April 2012

Would Have Been Better Than Glee

Not that it really matters.....but North Korea came out today and put out this nifty message that it's military had now made a new vow.....ever determined to destroy South Korea "to ashes" in about four minutes.  This was done on national TV in North Korea....with a special report.

Naturally, South Korea was watching this and got kinda peppy.

So let's put this into the right context.  It was the 400th time or more.....that North Korea over the past twenty years had made a threat like this.  The only thing different this time....was this four minutes or less deal.

You can imagine some North Korean guy on the top staff....looking for new and different material to impress the new he injected the four minute destruction comment.  In five or six years.....some new idiot will arrive on the staff, and likely go to the three minutes before destruction effort.  Eventually we will get down to ten seconds.

The other part to this magnificent the fact that probably less than one million North Koreans....out of the twenty-four million....actually watched the show.  There's this other set of problems for North Korean folks.  First, most families are lucky to have a radio...let alone a TV.  You've got to be a big-wig to have a TV, and remember that there's only one channel that you can most folks kinda reserve themselves for an episode "Songs to March To" or "Corrupt South Korean People".

There's also this other problem.....the electrical grid is mostly questionable, and if you can get four hours a day of can count yourself as lucky.  The folks who have the TV?  They are likely the managers and big-wigs....who live in the right neighborhood to have power at 7PM when this might show up on TV.  The rest of the folks?  Well....they were kinda sitting there in the dark....and would have missed the glorious moment when the four-minute threat was made.

I'm pretty sure everyone the next day....around the water bucket (not the water cooler), were chatting about the glorious moment and hinting that they did have electricity and a TV.....when actually....they didn't.

The sad thing?  That four-minute thrust of North Korean pride....was probably ten times better than some episode of Glee, or a one-hour update on the John Edwards Trial on MSNBC.

Got 4:39 Minutes?