Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wal-Mart and the Bribe Episode

The Wal-Mart bribe episode continues onto a second day.  One of the big guys of ethics in Mexico came out and made a good comment over the mess.  From a Mexican prospective....he felt that Mexican authorities (from the head government on down) tend to look for reasons NOT to investigate something.  I was kinda amazed....we need that reaction by American political figures, who tend to investigate just about everything...from the beef content in burgers to the unfairness of the NCAA bowl selection.

So the amount of money involved in this bribe mess?  They think it's around $8.5 million that went to various local political figures in allow Wal-Mart to open up.  There's also a suggestion that another sixteen million.....was paid directly (in plain view) to local governments.  This was probably fees, upon fees, upon fees, upon fees.  Fees, no matter what country you mess with....even though they look like bribes...they are just fees, and legal.

The funny thing here is that Congress will investigate the bribes....toss this toward some federal prosecutor, and expect Wal-Mart to be charged with something....then pay a "fine" (actually a lawful US bribe), and everyone will pat themselves on the back for doing such a great job.  Then next week, some Super-PAC will bribe some Senator running in November, for helping them in some fashion.