Friday, 27 April 2012

This Odd Management Style

Here's the deal.  Some EPA guru....high up on the chain....came out two years ago and made this comment about his agency's enforcement of rules on oil and natural gas companies.  Basically, he compared it to the way that the Romans would come up on a village and establish supremacy.  They'd walk in....pick out the first five guys in the village they met, and crucify them.  From that point on.....the whole town would be easy to manage for the next few years.  So the EPA philosphy was.....pick on a couple of companies....establish a crucify episode, take a few folks down a step or two, and then cruise on.  This all came out yesterday, and the White House had to kinda grin....then say it wasn't meant that way, and were sorry for the most part that folks had taken this the wrong way.

I sat there pondering over this.  This guy was the head EPA guy of a region, and obviously knew what he was supposed to be doing.  This idea of comparing his management style to the Romans and crucifixion? Well....I'm guessing he only went to few history classes and really didn't grasp the full history lesson.

Here's the deal.  The Romans did do this little crucifixion episode across various lands.  They wandered around France, Germany, the Yugoslavia region, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Libya and such.  They became one of the most hated and disliked "regimes" in all of history.  Yeah, there's all these great positive technical marvels that they did....but the Romans were terrible at public relations.  No one outside of Rome had any great appreciation of the Roman brand of leadership.

At some point, the Romans decided to take on Christianity.  They ended up finding this guy in Israel and ran up a trial of sorts, and later crucified the guy.  The charge?  More or less....sedition against the Romans of the region.  This crucifixion is discussed yearly, and the Romans always earn this massive black spot on their record.

So you have a guy who goes off to some university and gets into environmentalism, and the management practices he picks up along this route?  Roman-style crucifixion?  That's the best that the college professors can offer some kid in a business class?  And you use this tactic on American businesses?  Then you expect people to respect you?

I suspect the $80k that this guy spent on student loans for his college years.....might have been wasted.  Just a humble impression here.

What Next?

For Delta flight 3163 landed in Chicago....we had this unique event occur.

The authorities ended up concerned over the flight, and one of the passengers on board....who was African, and felt to be infected with a virus or disease.   At the end of the mess....they released the plane and all its passengers.  The treat?  Someone felt a rash seen on the African gal might have been monkeypox.  It wasn't.  Life went on.

Monkeypox?  It's one of those things that cause you to have fever, chills, the sweats, and acts like a regular pox of sorts. In kills around one to ten percent of the folks who get it....mostly because folks don't have the health care system to fight it off.  How do you get it? end up messing around with animal urine, animal fluids, etc.  It's not a pleasant disease but you can beat it.

So here's the thing.

You worry about the number of bags you can tote with you on the plane.

You worry the TSA folks touching your "junk".

You worry about the airline screwing up and missing your connection in New York City, where you get stuck in a $240 a night hotel because there's no more flights to Huntsville.

You worry about a Jihad dimwit from a third-world country on the flight who would like to kill you, your grandma, your minister, your neighbor, your wife, your kids, your husband, your boss, or your Uncle Karl who took out forty Germans in World War II to save his entire platoon.

You worry about your bags getting lost, or possibly never returned.

You worry about some cheap labor contract with the maintenance guy who was supposed to fix the plane but just wrote off the problem as "acceptable".

You worry about a cheap pilot hired to fly the plane and work seventy-five hours a week.

You worry about the pilot on board who happens to be mentally unstable without his meds.

You worry about the toilet on board and the sixty-four possible diseases you could pick up from the sink.

You worry about some idiot at the airport scouting you out as a potential robbery victim.

You worry about the lousy food on board and if you might get food poisoning from it.

You worry about the cooling temperature or cramped seats on board the plane.

Now?  You have to worry about sitting next to some African gal who just returned from some foreign land....where she messed around with some monkey who had sores over his body and gave her monkeypox?  And she might give you monkeypox?

We might be all better off just staying home and not traveling anywhere....if you ask me.