Saturday, 5 May 2012

Gitmo Law (Similar to LA Law, Only Better)

The first real court actions over 9-11 occurred today.  I's been over a decade....but this is the best that you can settle on....with justice in mind.

It kinda started the way that you'd expect the mess to start.  The five guys get brought into a military court room.  Charges read off for this military tribunal deal.  There are 2,976 counts of murder involved in this case....if you were wondering.

After a couple of minutes....the judge posed a question to one of the defendents.  Nothing was said.  Silence.

The main bad guy of the group....Khalid Sheikh Mohammed then took off his earphones and just sat answers to anything.  No acknowledgement.  Nothing.

Minutes passed, then two guys got up and started praying there on the carpet.  The guards just stood and watched....there is no violation for a guy praying in court.

If this wasn't enough....then a civilian attorney for one of the guys up for charges....Ms Cheryl Bormann turned and faced the military judge....requesting that since she was wearing a plain normal Islamic make her client feel comfortable....she felt it was the court's duty to make every other woman in the court also wear the same type of normal Islamic outfit.  This is supposed to make the five guys feel better that they aren't committing any sins when they gaze at shapely beautiful lawyers in the courtroom (one can only assume).

The judge appeared to take this into advisement, but since he's military....I doubt seriously that he's going to make up some hokey dress-code rules....other than no flip-flops or sandals allowed in court.

It's hard to say how long this court episode will take.  If I were optimistic....I'd be thinking a couple of months (maybe six).  But then if the boys are fairly creative in the court area and never acknowledge anything....then the whole purpose of showing the world that you can be fair and judicial in handling an episode like just dust in the wind....and then it could end up taking two years or more.

As for the military officers on this jury?  Well....I suspect that they are all hoping to be wrapped by Christmas, and onto some new assignment by the beginning of 2013.  If they are still sitting in court in January of 2014....their careers are mostly shot and the highlight of your twenty years in military service will be this Gitmo episode.

Finally, the quiet tactic?  If you know that you are guilty....there's not much reason to cooperate on anything.  There's nothing to be gained.  The sentence will either be death or the rest of your life in some Gitmo cell.  So why bother cooperating?  And the dimwit reporters who cover this for the entire period and attempt to write books over this later?  The enormous boredom of this case....will destroy the book value, if you ask me.

The Fate of Things

This Massachusetts Senatorial race is turning into some kind of scripted situation that you'd expect a guy from Red Bay, Bama to write, and star Rock Hudson and Doris Day as the candidates in question.

It came up in the last week or two....that Ms Elizabeth Warren....who is the Democratic candidate running there, and a Harvard law school graduate (usually a big deal in such matters)....was often declared a native American.  In simple Indian.  Typically, this would be a big deal and folks would get weepy eyed over a Native-born American getting through college....but she even made it through Harvard Law School and is possibly months away from beating Scott Brown to be a Senator from Massachusetts. turns out that she didn't really want to mention this Indian part of the story.

Then it turned out best....she was 1/32nd Indian....which makes it kinda questionable....if you are Indian or not.  Some tribes might accept that degree as ok.....but some would say you just aren't pure enough to be Indian, so don't go around pretending to be Indian.

Then it turns out that Harvard made it a big deal to accept her into their program....once they learned that she was Indian.  Course, I'm guessing that the folks at Harvard don't know much about 1/32nd degree Indian status.  To be honest, you could be 1/120nd degree Indian, and they'd still think that was pretty swell.

So Ms Warren has used this Indian status deal a fair bit in her youth, and now doesn't want this brought up.  

The problem here is that folks get all excited at universities when some kid shows up and he's got a form to claim foreigner status.  I'm guessing that Harvard Law School has yet to see a kid from Tonga or an African pygmy tribal guy show up.  They'd likely be stamped approved pretty quickly.

For all those years I was in the Air Force....I probably had at least twenty-five forms put in front of me....where I could have winked at the folks at the desk, and claimed myself to be American Indian.  I often sat there and wondered if I just ought to tempt fate on this.  I asked some Air Force NCO once about this paperwork shuffle deal and the ethnic status deal.   His response was that he didn't care what I put down, but yes....I would be part of the base statistics.  What he didn't want to see was a 90 percent increase in one-year with a bunch of Indians showing up on base....and the wing commander getting all excited that he got 250-odd American Indians under his command.  It just invites problems in the end (as he explained it) I stayed pure and innocent.

I'm guessing Ms Warren woke up at some point in the tenth grade and figured this great-great-grandmother of hers....who was an Indian....might figure into her future.  Who would have guessed three decades later....that was a big mistake.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown is standing there....wondering how the heck this weird event could ever occur, and he just might get another six years in the Senate.  Fate, as they say in Bama, is just around the corner.  Sometimes, it's good fate.

Not Reality

It's  a simple story.  This guy....Daniel Suelo has given up on making money, and made it a dream in life never to have debt, a home mortgage, or pay rent.  He doesn't want a salary.  His residence?  A cave out in Utah.  He picks up food from garbage cans or picks it up off the ground.

He's lived this kind of life for over ten years now.

He doesn't touch money at all....not for clothing, soap, shampoo, etc.  As he says..... there is to be no "conscious barter, food stamps or other government handouts".

The story got picked up this week in the news.  Some stories carried this as an example that folks could live without money.  Some stories portrayed Daniel as a bit extreme.  A story or two related how we could all learn from his example.

In the mid-1930s....we called guys like Daniel a hobo.  They lived off the land and there just wasn't any government hand-outs in the 1930s.  In that period, you had to work to get government money....UNLIKE today.

I sat and pondered over the lifestyle.  In a community of a thousand could have a couple of Daniel Suelo-like folks wandering around.  They'd mostly count your garbage as their lifeline.  They leaned on you in a ensure their survival.

But if you forty or fifty Danel Suelo-like folks in your community of a thousand....could they survive amongst themselves?  The likely answer is no.  They'd compete for your garbage and eventually lay claim to certain houses or neighborhoods.

Let's say you had a hundred Daniel Suelo-like folks in your community of a thousand.....the odds are that most would start to be chased away from your town.  The competition would be fierce for what you laid out in your garbage.  Some would survive....some wouldn't.

You can imagine the chaos if half the population in the town of a thousand.....were Daniel Suelo-like in character.

So I come to this's probably not a lifestyle that you ought to admire.  There is no end result....just wake up....check garbage cans....wander around and admire the hills and creeks....and wait for winter to set in and make your life twice as miserable. Repeat this over and over, until you are dead.....laying out in the woods and not found until two years later when some hunter happens to find your body by some tree.  It's a sad sorrowful tale.....if you ask me.

My Neighborhood

We had a bit of excitement this week on Metro....around on Thursday afternoon.

Some punk teenager (with two associates) dropped a can of pepper spray on the Blue Line....somewhere between L'Enfant Plaza (the mega station of DC, usually pronounced Ele-e-Fant) and the Smithsonian station.  Naturally, this only affected one car, but it was a fairly serious event.

The pepper spray drifted out of the car into the L'Enfant area...forcing the management to turn the air handler onto maximum.

So the Metro cops are on the lookout for three teenage punks: a black female with gold hair who is wearing a pink shirt, a black female with a black shirt and tan pants, and a black male with a high-top fade hair cut and royal blue jacket. The odds of finding the three?  I'd say zero.  They certainly aren't going to admit nothing or brag about this in public....if they were smart.

The thing about this is that the public is starting to realize that the vast majority of robberies and criminal mischief within Metro....all accomplished by teenagers.  I think that most folks just stand there in disbelief as these events happen.  It's like a playground for punk misfits.

The Metro cops?  For the dozens of cops running around in fancy green outfits with machine guns hanging off themselves....we aren't seeing Jihad as a problem as much as punk kids.  My advice....take off the fancy uniforms and drop the machine guns....put on  some jeans and arm yourself with a taser.  Just place yourself on various trains and in Metro stations.  In a month or might notice a statistics change.