Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bama and Signs

It was one of those odd Bama stories.  The Feds come into DeKalk County, and build up some fancy tornado shelters.  These were built around the school system.  Folks were happy about this.  The county Superintendent wanted to put up signs to indicate how to find the shelters.  The Bama Department of Transportation stepped into the middle of this mess....originally indicating that you just couldn't put up non-authorized signs like this.

Amongst the logic indicated for refusal.....folks didn't need to know how to get to the school, and it might be too confusing for folks when in a dire emergency like this.

This odd reaction lasted about twelve hours.....then the Transportation Department announced that they sure would work with the county in erecting the signs.

It appeared that the sign folks looked awful stupid and they had to explain over the phone to a bunch of folks how this whole thing works.

I sat down in a pondering mode over this.  It's kinda true....folks in Bama don't need signs.  If you drive up and ask some guy where the nearest bridge is....they always give you a 60-second description of how to get there.  You don't need a map or such.  In fact, folks in Bama probably could cut out half the signs on roads and just get by without all that sign business.

Let's back to the tornado business though.  The truth is....once you get the slightest indication of tornado trouble....it's probably too late and you'd best just forget about signs or ever getting to the school.  It's best to just find a ditch and jump in.  I realize there's potential for snakes....but given a choice of a tornado or copperhead.....I'd rather face the copperhead myself.

So for you folks in Dekalb County....you are going to get a bunch of tornado shelter signs.  I realize you will argue over the direction....being closer to X-school or Y-school.  Several folks at the general store will argue about it being two miles closer to Y-school, and then some farmer will come in and declare you totally wrong.

Hopefully, you won't have to test this sign business.