Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Life in Real America

My office associate and I are both from rural backgrounds.  Me....from Alabama.  He.....from Georgia.  We often sit around and compare notes.  This past week....he took a week off and visited his dad and relatives in Georgia, and there were interesting events.

First, he drove his 10-year old Yukon all the way down to southern Georgia, where he discovered mid-90's temperatures.  He also found that his AC compressor finally died just as he arrived there.  This is a catastrophic event for folks who just aren't used to real southern heat.

So on the morning of the next day.....he and his dad (the semi-retired minister from the local area) got up early and went to the local waffle house at 5AM.  This is when real men get up and enjoy a hearty breakfast.  He explained the AC compressor issue, and his dad responded that he knew two brothers that ran the local garage.  Roughly twenty minutes later at the waffle house....the mechanic brothers arrive, and dad introduces them and explains the problem.

In Arlington, you'd have to call and make an appointment.  It'd typically take a week or more before they'd see you.  The brothers responded that he could bring the Yukon over at 7AM as they appointment necessary.  Shocking to say the to how life is in real America.

So he left the vehicle and expected this to take two to three days. 4PM that day....the clerk at the garage called.  The Yukon was fixed....all new compressor and belts.  Shocker to say the to how life really is in America.

So he asks the gal how much, and she cautions him to prepare himself.  In Arlington, this would have been a $1500 to $1800 job.  The lady responds 930-odd bucks.  Shocker to say the to how life really is in America.

He's happy about this and explains he'll be right down with his credit card.  Well....the clerk responds....they only accept check or cash.  This is a problem.  He hadn't toted a check book around in a decade.  Well....his wife pipes her arsenal of sixty items in the purse.....she's got a check book.    Shocker to say the to how life really is in America.

So he goes down to the garage, and lays out the check.  Well....they ask....since he is the minister's son....if he wanted them to "hold" the check for a week.  In would have taken an act of God to get them to accept a check.  Here these guys are....willing to accept a check from out of state, and then even hold it for a week.

After a week down in southern Georgia....I can tell that he's a bit amazed at things that have stayed the same for all these years.  Life really is pretty good in real America.  The problem is....we just never recognize these random acts.