Tuesday, 22 May 2012

DC Comics and the Gay Character

DC Comics came out today and hinted pretty strongly.....that some major character (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, the Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Kid Flash, Black Canary, Robin, the Atom, Firestorm, and Batwoman).....will come out as gay.

Don't know who....don't know how.

As a kid, I kinda grew up with comic books.  At one point, I probably had a collection of thousand comics.  If you had tossed in this possible scenario of some gay character.....my first observation would have been how you would have drawn some suggestive scene with Flash coming onto Aquaman, or have Batwoman fall into some lusty affair with Catwoman.  After a scene or two.....you need to start adding text, and then things start getting pretty lusty....if you ask me the perception of a 13-year old kid.  Would Flash even be able to something regular with Aquaman?  Would Batwoman run off to New Orleans with Catwoman and just give up the super-hero business?  Would the two ladies run a lather shop?

You just don't know.

When you finally find out the character....then what?  Would Superman travel to Mars and try to bring back a rehab team for his new gay buddy....Martian Manhunter?  Would there be some mysterious alien box that turns Hawkman into a gay character....which Wonder Woman would always regret being the one finding the box?  Would Kid Flash admit later in six months....that he's had a thing for Hawkwoman (20 years older than Kid Flash), and then create this fancy relationship with a hot 45-year old woman?

There's tons of potential here.  Batman could finally admit that he married trailer trash back twelve years ago and she's returned as Varmite Woman (his arch enemy), and we could have several scenes where they get all hyper about pink flamingos on the wall.

The Flash could mention his various relationships with Brazilian she-males.  Then you could toss in some relationships that Superman had with Wonder Woman....and he had an obsession over her fancy lasso.

The thing here....is that DC Comics just doesn't have the readership it had in 1968.  No one cares about wussy super-heros.  Frankly, I doubt if a gay Flash really means that much.  So they just stand there and re-re-re-invent something, that people just kinda laugh over for a day, and then forget.  And you know somewhere out there by November....will be this character marrying some other character.  And then what?

You just don't know.