Sunday, 3 June 2012

Just Observations

By the end of last week, there's this fair amount of evidence to say that Amelia Earhart did land on some atoll, and likely survived for several weeks.....maybe months.  The island?  Nikumaroro Island.  I did some research and there's a couple of things to note.  It's a place where you might find enough fruit and coconuts to survive with.  Maybe you could catch fish and have a decent diet to survive.  The problem fresh water.  A significant attempt was made to colonize the island....which met with fail...mostly over the water issue.  My gut feeling is that Ms Earhart and her associate probably did their best, but they probably lost their incentive to continue on after two months of playing the water game.  My prediction is that everyone will come to agree on this island, and then some idiot will push on Congress to put a memorial on the island in honor of Ms Earhart.

Gallup did a poll and established that roughly 46 percent of the American public believe that God created the human race around 100,000 years ago.  Naturally, this goes hand in hand with another poll that says 20 percent of the American public believes that Bigfoot will eventually be captured, and that one in three Americans believe in Ghosts.  I'm not really much of a believer in polls.....mostly because of the NCAA football issues.

Some media comments indicate that Mitt Romney just might select his VP....weeks ahead of the Republican National Conference.  The reasoning?  There is speculation that they might just get a boost ahead of the meeting, and maybe avoid all the hype that comes from the Occupy folks who promise to make the national meeting attendees as miserable as possible.   Without the VP game played out.....the national meeting might only be half as important, and they might even be willing to end it a day early.

Finally, an observation about the John Edwards mess.  Since the jury said there wasn't anything illegal about the money business....there's this lingering question.  If the money wasn't used for political purposes.....then it's a personal gain (some folks think that) IRS might want to tax someone.  I'm guessing that John doesn't want the tax bill.....and his old girlfriend doesn't want the tax bill.  I'm guessing in twelve months....that some IRS agent walks into the mess and presents a $180k tax assessment against someone.