Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's A Sad World

I got into a discussion with a co-worker yesterday....who lives down in the Richmond area.  Typically, I think of Richmond as being a fair safe place (compared to DC, of course).

A few weeks ago....as my associate related this story....he had a young gal from his church who was murdered in Richmond.

The story goes.....this young lady and her sister got dressed up and went to a nightclub in the Richmond area.

Early in the evening, they bump into this older gal....who does some eye-to-eye contact, displays some paranoid behavior, and says some odd negative things to the young ladies.

As the evening progresses, there's some tune being played with dancing on the floor.  The older gal does some funny move, and suddenly....loses her wig.  It's best to say that what hair she had....was minimum in nature.

The older gal goes off into a tangent, and suddenly starts to look for the younger ladies.  She finds them.  She pulls out a knife and stabs young lady number one.  The other sister comes to the aide.  The older gal now turns and stabs the second young lady.  In the end....the second lady was dead, and the first gal is surviving the attack.  Cops grab the older woman, who will be charged with murder.

All of this.....over a stupid wig.

You can sit there and go over this episode a hundred times, and it makes no sense. Obviously, drug usage has to be somewhere in the mess, but you will never know that part.  A wasted death, over a doped up woman, a night at some club, and her stupid wig.