Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Neighborhood

Down the road from me....there's this bike trail that extends out several miles.  It's arranged in such a way, that there's almost no hills.  So you can imagine a guy on a bike.....doing ten to fifteen miles per hour very easily....maybe even twenty miles per hour.

This morning around 0715, something happened that kinda changed the prospective on the bike trail.  You see.....it's a walking trail as well.

This morning....this eighty year old gal was doing her morning walk....when along from behind her came this sixty-odd year old guy on a mountain bike.  We can only assume that he was traveling at a fair clip.....but he yells out "to your left".

Naturally, the eighty year old gal turns to her left.....stepping probably a step further to the left than necessary.  The biker whacked completely....sending her head to the pavement, and knocking her out.  Within half an hour or so.....she was pronounced dead.

 By eight AM....the news had filtered out to almost everyone in Arlington.

I'm guessing within a month....the town council will sit and start to discuss speed limits of bikes on the trails.  A number of folks will come to be very negative about this.....believing its not an issue.

I've traveled around the US for fifty odd years now.  I'd have to say that Arlington is about the most bike-friendly area that I've come across....in the United States.  Sadly, the truth is.....folks might be a bit aggressive about their biking, and maybe some changes might be necessary.

Just Observations

Yesterday, the folks out in North Dakota....voted on the issue of property taxes in the state.  It kinda shocked some political folks that a majority in a state would go to this length.  So, the political guys have to wonder how $850-odd million will be made up....if it had gone against them.  In the end, a majority figured out that you kinda needed property taxes.

If you look over at Indiana news.....they passed a law which basically says if the cops "invade" your home.....you have the right to fire away at them.  This goes back at the issue of cops shuffling up paperwork for some judge to sign, and suddenly show up at 10PM at night at your house to investigate something.  There's been enough screw-ups.....where the wrong houses were targeted....that the public is just fed up with the mess.  Judges wouldn't step in to curtail the direction of things....so laws had to be changed.  My humble prediction is that within twelve months.....some cops pick a house and process the paperwork to show up at 10PM that evening.  The husband and wife end up shooting several of the cops, and are arrested for murder.  The judge pulls out this law, examines the circumstances, then releases the couple.  The cops then wake up to realize their glory days of SWAT are gone, and life goes back to normal within five years.

Finally, if you check the business news....Bank of America has come up and pledged fifty billion dollars for climate control/global warming over the next decade.  Basically, the only real method that you can imagine some bank of inventing five billion a year to do this kind of thing....is by raising fees and costs, which doesn't make any sense unless you had some political figure writing up special tax credits to give you twice the tax credit for a donation like this.  I'd hate to suggest some evil wrong-doing by political folks.....but it's likely some idiot is writing some tax credit deal for the "poor" Bank of America.