Saturday, 16 June 2012

That Kid of Mine

My son often amazes me.  If you wrote up a page of sixteen instructions on how to do something....he'd try to cut twelve instructions out, and do it in four easy steps.

The kid has finally passed through 99 percent of the German apprenticeship program for a clerk certification, for an operation like Lowes.  You can pull out a 12-cent nail, and he'll identify it, and figure what a bucket of such nails cost.  He's learned the whole inventory system of the operation, from the smallest plumbing fixtures.

There were various requirements for this three-year program.  Two weeks ago, he wrapped up the final written test deal.  In the next ten days.....he'll wrap up a verbal test.

This week....his instructor reminded him of the third critical portion of the certification.  He was supposed to be writing up a monthly log....detailing the significant number of thing he learned over that month.  There's supposed to be around thirty-two pages to this log.  As a minimum, there's supposed to be at least twenty lines or so.....per page.  The instructor wants to see his log in approximately two the final part of certification. I said starting out.....the kid likes to cut corners.  So for all this time....he's never written a single page.  Nothing.  He thought this was unnecessary and would never figure into the final certification.  He was wrong.

So he bought this booklet, and over the next week.....he has to go back create some awful creative logs over things he imagined that he learned but doesn't really remember much about now.

I kinda laughed over this detail.  It's creative writing at its best.  He'll likely mention some imaginary customer that he handled. He'll talk about the vast differences of a 12-cent nail and a 15-cent nail upon examination.  He'll try to limit the story for each page to twenty lines.  He'll comment over snow falling, the heat of the hot sun, or a storm approaching from the west.....all fictional of course.

You can imagine the company instructor looking at this....remarking how it's strange that he used the very same ink pen for the entire log.

The kid may learn something out of this....but it's mostly that you can write pretty fiction...if under pressure.

If, and If, and If, and If

I sat down and read over the President's immigration directive, and it struck me as a logical writing scheme that some engineer or software designer would write.

You can get a "waiver" if you are illegally here and arrived in the US before the age of sixteen, which you have continually lived here without ever left the US, continually been here for a minimum of five years, which you are thirty years old or younger, must be in school or college or have a diploma, or GED, or be a member of the military, or honorably discharged vet, never having been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor, or multiple misdemeanors, and never posed a threat to anyone.

Software designers always write software code with "if, and if, and if, and if, and if, and if".  Basically, some idiot on the White House staff is a a code-writing graduate of some university.

Now, if you fit all of the "ifs" get a two-year waiver.  That's all.  The President decided that he really couldn't do more than two years.  But to be honest, there's no law that even says two years is ok or not.  The President himself....wrote his own code....with a two-year limit on the length of operation for his "if" situation.  What happens in 2014?  Well....we just don't know.  Would the President still be this friendly over the situation?  Would it still be this easy to extend yourself?  You just don't know.

How many people does this affect?  Well....the administration says 800k.  To be honest, it's a fairly big guess here.  Where are the 800k?  Well.....again, it's a guess.  In Alaska, I'm guessing it's less than 500.  In Maine, I'm guessing it's less than 1k.  For Texas?  It might be 75k.

Does this deal get you in-state tuition?  It would depend on the most all states, the answer would be no.

Does this deal get you citizenship at any point?  No.

Does this deal get you a driver's license?  For a handful of states, yes.  For

The sad thing is that the President sat down in 2011 and said he could not perform an action like this.  It was in front of a Latino group, and he just plain admitted that he couldn't executive-order this kind of deal.  So around a year passes, and now....he magically has this power.

What if you arrived here after age age 19? can't use this deal.  What if you lived here for two years, and left for six months, then returned for three years? can't use this deal.  What if you got drunk and had a serious car accident at age 21?  Well....if you this were a felony type can't use the deal.  My humble guess is that for each person who passes the "if" test, there's another person who fails.

So you could have this really nifty deal....if, and if, and if, and if, and if....things were just so.

If You Build It......

I always watch over events in Bama and their influence upon the state.  This morning, I was looking at Bama business news and came to see this big story out of north Bama.....Jack Daniels coming to start an operation over near Decatur.

Course, you'd ask yourself what JD would want in the Bible-country of Bama?  Well.....they are putting in $60 million to make a plant that will have eventually 200 employees.  Their job?  To make precious barrels for Jack Daniels.

The folks at Bloomberg (which had the story) indicate that the starting wage is around $16 an hour, which is a pretty fine wage for Bama.

The curious thing about this is that you basically to a rural area of Bama and asked them to go back and recreate something by the standards of the late 1800's.  You can use modern tools, modern measure devices....even modern wood treatment finishes.  But it's basically got to be an end-product of an absolutely perfect barrel.

This Jack Daniels barrel will be put on a flatbed trailer, and hauled up the road a piece....delivered to the distillery, and probably be in use for the next thirty to fifty years.

I'm guessing the Bama guys who do get eventually hired for the factory....will be awful proud of their products.  There might be a tear shed over each and every barrel produced.  Call a source of Bama pride or Bama enthusiasm.....but we've been waiting for a chance to partner up with Jack Daniels.  Life just went up a notch around the Decatur area.

Just Observations

First, around two weeks ago...this story appeared in the news....some guy traveling around America on foot....writing up a book to be called "The Kindness of America"....gets shot on the side of the road.  He (Raymond Dolin) gives this description....which ends up with an arrest of some guy.  Well...the cops involved in this came around to this odd suspicion of things, and this Raymond Dolin apparently shot himself.  There aren't alot of details to this but it would appear that Raymond's potential book....Kindness in America....may have hit a point where kindness wasn't a motivating factor for a book topic.  It's hard to say what happens now.  I'm guessing Raymond will have some charges put up against him and spend sixty days in some local jail where he suddenly gets an idea for a new book...."Kindness in American Jails".

The President and this Friday afternoon deal for immigration?  I will offer two observations.  First, this Marco Rubio guy.....potentially the VP for scheduled to release a book next week....make several major speeches.....and do at least a dozen interviews.  I kinda get the impression that the President is awful fearful over what Rubio can do in an election, and this was the only silver bullet he had to take Rubio down a notch before next week.  Second? you are the guy or gal affected by this Presidential order, and you can stay around a while now.  Can you vote?  No.  Can you get a US passport?  No.  All you get from the President is this free ticket to wait things out....nothing more.  You can go to school and work.  But beyond that....the President didn't really fix much of anything.  At the end of the just ain't American, and no President can executive-order you into being an American.

Finally, some idiots did a survey and found increasing numbers of liberals are fearful of having a Mormon as President.  No one mentioned to them that Harry Reid is a Mormon.  My personal guess is that there's a list of forty different factors which would bother liberals in general about potential folks assuming the Presidential office.  They'd probably be against rodeo clowns, Fox News journalists, long-haul truckers, retired Marines, cattle ranchers, engineers, former New York Yankees, anyone from North Dakota, a graduate of Texas Tech, trailer trash, right-wing conservative wrestlers, and doctors specializing in plastic surgery.  So if you are Mormon and upset that liberals are holding a grudge against you and might deny you the office of the Presidency.....don't worry, it's a pretty long list and you might be in good company when you think about it.