Friday, 22 June 2012

Real History

Some smart guys....mostly from the University of Koln (Germany) around to Siberia recently....drilling holes down into the Arctic region.  So they've come to this conclusion.....there were various warm periods over the past 2.8 million years....where the Arctic region was fairly ice-free.

They can even say that two of these warm periods were within the last million years or so.  So this brings up an unusal fact....that glaciers might not even have existed on Greenland at the time.

What triggered the warm periods?  They don't know.

I sat and pondered over this.  It's fairly obvious that this can only warming, climate change, or global cooling. Yes, that would explain it all. The Nethanderthal Institute of Climate Change discussed this over the decades during this period.  They tried and urge Cavemen to stop burning wood to warm themselves....but they just wouldn't listen.  They suggested alternate burning pine-cones, peanuts, and seaweed....but the silly Cavemen would not listen.

You can imagine these German scientists returning home, puzzled over this new discovery.  It'd be nice to explain why climate changes....just for the heck of it.  Probably a million years ago.....the smart Nethanderthal guys felt the same way.  They'd go back to the cave....all upset that no one would listen to them.  Heck, they didn't even Al Gore around to help them explain the facts over global warming.

Simply Observations

It was kinda mentioned this week that VP Joe Biden's protective detail got into a big fight last year....between themselves.  It appears that the Secret Service got to a bar....had a few drinks, then got into a verbal and physical episode with a couple of Air Force Security Policemen on the VP's detail.  The more that you observe the various comical episodes around the President's Secret Service....the more they look like some Bama police force with wannabe cops.  It might be time to pull out the physical fitness test and force the Secret Service to perform it every two weeks.  I might give out the drug test more often as well.

In a few days, the Supreme Court will release their verdict on the health care law.  My guess is that the mandate will disappear as a minimum.  Without the mandatory nature to the law, it's hard to say if it can survive with one less page or not.  The sad thing here is that we will get an entire week of dimwitted analysis by various news channels.  Some experts will be experts, but the majority will be some guys from the Trucker Institute of Diesel Technology or such.  You will ask yourself briefly what the idiot is conveying to you....then determine to hit the channel button on the watch half an hour of French history from the 1800s....which says something, but it's best not to admit it in public.

Moodys stood up yesterday and downgraded fifteen major US banks.  So for the guy on the street, it means this.  If you bank with Citigroup and want a's likely be half a percent to one percent higher now on the interest rate.  Moodys is admitting that all fifteen are not as stable as they'd like, and that they ought to be paying more to borrow money from someone this means you the customer, will pay for the idiots at the bank and their stability problem.

Around 25 October 2005, the various bigwigs of news reporting led off the evening news with the announcement that the 2,000th GI had died that day in Iraq, during the conflict.  For an entire week, the news folks talked, and talked, and talked about the vast number of two thousand. years have passed, and this week....we passed the 2,000th GI dying in Afghanistan.  No one from the major networks even brought the topic up.  So you sit and ponder over what amounted to one hundred hours from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox News in 2005, and what was talked about over and over.  Now, you can't even get six minutes of a mention.  Luckily, we did get a two-minute mention from ABC News that Colorado City, Arizona is being sued by the federal government for being polygamous in nature.    Hopefully, it won't expand out for 100 hours over the next week.

Some folks woke up this week in Hollywood and started asking a stupid question....with all this Hollywood fund-raising for the President's re-election campaign going on.....will it hurt the movie industry?  My belief is that as long as you can produce Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer for 16-year old will do OK for the next year or two.  However, if you were producing adult-quality movies.....hoping for forty-two year old folks who might be leaning a bit to the might want to just ease off production for a year or two, until folks forget your star got himself mentioned with President Obama forty or fifty times in 2012.  It might be time to ship a couple of folks off to Italy and produce a couple of Italian cowboy westerns.

After two decades of war activity (the Balkans, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Albania, Iraq, etc), someone woke up at the Pentagon and realized that combat pay is unfair.  For those not familiar with it.....if someone deems you being in a hostile get an extra $225 a month.  Naturally, you'd ask why so little because you kinda think ought to be like $15k or at least $6k a month.  Well....somewhere years ago....this $225 got invented and has stuck around for thirty-odd years.  So the new logic is.....a guy could be in a fairly hostile area, but had a ninety percent chance of never seeing any action at all.  Meanwhile, other guys could be in a certain hostile zone, and face gunfire or bombs on a daily basis.  Both guys made $225 a month, but the honest truth is one guy earned his pay for every single minute of the month, and the other guy was just lucky to be threatened maybe one minute out of the whole month.  So the discussion appears to be that the guy under the most threat....ought to get the full $225.  And the guy with minor threats.....might only get a percentage of the $225.  Fair is to speak.  Course, a guy in southeastern DC might say that everyone on the streets of DC ought to be getting $225 a month for life-threatening situations in Washington.

Finally, the judge down in Opelika, Bama....presiding over the poisoned oak tree episode down near Auburn University, and this Harvey Updyke character....suddenly realized that a whole lotta press just arrived in Opelika, and this is apparently getting national attention (it even appeared in the Washington Post).  The judge also realized that most of his jury is getting more and more by day.  Relatives of the jury members are asking questions, and it's all bound to taint some folks beyond the norm.  So the judge is contemplating the idea of moving it.  My suggestion would be to bring to northwest Bama (almost a state away) Lauderdale county.  Then go and find a dozen jury folks from the local area....mostly those who admit they don't watch any NCAA football or do more than fish or hunt on Saturdays.  Don't worry....Harvey would still get convicted because poisoning a tree just ain't going to carry any innocence matter where you go in Bama.