Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Punks

I sat and watched yesterday the video clip of that 66-year old bus monitor gal being verbally assaulted by a bunch of punk 13-year old kids.  I suspect almost everyone now has viewed the clip at least a couple of times.

It bothers me that they just continued on, and on.  They didn't have any fear of her saying anything or getting into trouble.

As a kid in Bama in the 1970s....we didn't have bus monitors, but we probably didn't need them.  I can't imagine any situation arising where you'd need some adult sitting in the bus besides the driver. If the driver wasn't happy.....I'm pretty sure he would have just skipped your house the next day to make his point.

What should they do with these punks?  I'm of the mind to just dump them off the bus pick-up list for six months.  Let their parents figure out some method of dropping them off each morning until January of 2013.   That's probably enough to get their attention and get the parents to grasp the mess that the kid created.