Sunday, 24 June 2012

$200k a Year?

This week, it came out in Bama news....that newest county school superintendent of the Mobile area....has been hired $200k a year.  If you count the $1,200 a month for a car and fuel....she'll clear close to $214,400 a year. The board hinted that the reason for the fantastic that they manage a school system twice the size of any county area in the state.

I sat and paused over the story.  $200k a year is a fantastic amount of money.  I would imagine back in the 1970s....the going rate was probably around $50k a year for the superintendent down there.

So the question the rate of growth and statistical average....what exactly will the superintendent be making in 2030 (eighteen years into the future).  I pondered over this and figure it's safe to say that they will be paying that individual almost $500k a year.  Toss in $3k a month on a car (figure a nifty 500-series BMW).

Maybe I'm getting old and just not grasping the reality of things.  But it's hard to imagine handing someone $200k a go and just yank on the chain of principals or teachers, and run a school system.  The curious thing is that Congressmen and Senators pull $174k a they don't even make as much as the Mobile Superintendent.