Sunday, 1 July 2012

Just Another Day in Bama

It is a rather odd Bama story.  A guy...remaining nameless at present...was found a truck that was upside down in a driveway in Jefferson County (Birmingham region).  All the cops will say at present is that the guy is dead....obviously from the accident.  The truck itself is at the right address where it was registered, but cops just aren't sure about the guy yet.

Naturally, this brings up a question or a guy ends up naked in a situation like this in Bama? be honest....during heat episodes, there are Bama guys who disrobe completely after dark and drive excessively to cool off.  You'd hope that your aunt doesn't see you at some traffic stop, or your church pastor doesn't stop you to ask if you will be attending church services on Sunday.  You'd need the right kind of seat, preferably none of that leather stuff that might stick.

My humble guess is that at the end of this mess.....we kinda find out about some bath salts being involved.  The sad that this is not how a Bama guy would like to go out and be being found naked in his pick-up.

The Storm

I was one of those three million folks affected by the storm that came through Friday night, and for roughly twenty hours.....had no power.  Right now, I'm one of the lucky folks.....there are some which will still be waiting until Wednesday or Thursday, in 100-degree heat, to get their power turned back on.

This was the fourth storm of my life, that I would categorize as "unusual".  No one was making any rain predictions until about twelve hours prior to the storm.  It swept out of Canada, and ran through Ohio with massive damage.  Around two hours before hitting could sense that this wasn't a regular rain or hail type storm.  The weather folks were already warning folks to prepare for the worse.   Then the eighty-plus mile-per-hour winds came, with massive lightning, and almost no rain.  It lasted around half-an-hour, and was gone.

You really don't know the value of civilization until you wake up and realize that you have no power.....there are no stores open.....the ATMs don't work....gas stations are closed.....and life has come to a halt.  Then you toss on the fact that it's June and the daily temp's are rising up to around 100 degrees.  The only place in Arlington with power?  The airport and the Pentagon, with their own generator systems.

Sometime in the afternoon, I found this one local pub AC of course, which had a generator running the lights, TVs, and ice maker.  I kinda stood around for three hours and sipped some cool refreshing liquids and wondered how many days this would take.

As I finally got back to the apartment complex....the sign on the door said two-to-three days were expected by the electrical company before our power would be restored.  I sat there under a tree and contemplated how people survived before AC, fans, and electricity.

I'm guessing that most folks got up at the crack of dawn, and did most of their work by noon....then quietly found a shade tree and got a bucket of cool spring water to sip.  I don't think work really advanced too far on a hot day like this.  Guys probably sat around and told tall tales, and women probably sat under the shade tree with their neighbor and gossiped over what little news they knew.

About an hour into my pondering, I kinda noticed that some lights had come on, and walked into the building.  Yep, by the grace of God.....power had returned.  Course, for the AC unit on the roof of the'd take six hours to really chill up and start cooling folks.....but at least I had fan support.

The lesson learned?  Civilization hangs on a thread.  Anything can happen, and trigger the loss of what you think is mandatory for life.  And you really have no plan "B" to put into action to make up for the loss.