Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Simply Observations

I read commentary from GQ Magazine this morning where they hinted the President Obama....in his second term....would prioritize the drug war to one of his top projects.  You would think....that the economy and jobs would be absolute priority number one....but I'm guessing it's best not to bring that topic up.  Maybe there'll be some kinda tax on illegal drugs.

The Navy came out with their new bio-fuel mix for their ships.  Cost?  Twenty-six bucks a gallon.  Once gas and diesel get up to $27....this will be a swell deal.  Just thirty years to go.

Anderson Cooper of CNN fame....did come out yesterday to claim that he is gay.  To be kinda honest, no one much was shocked, and it would have been bigger value to admit he was a Republican or Tea Party member.  That would have been a 5-star shock.

When all the smoke was gone....Ann Curry of Today Show fame....got paid $10 million to leave the show (in a hurry).  Some folks claim that she's unhappy about the amount paid.  If you were on some loser of a show and a guy offered ten million to just walk away.....I'd think it would be a pretty good deal.

L A officials report that two 18-year old punks were arrested around 1AM the other night, when engaging in a Roman-Candle "war".  Apparently, they had met and started to fire off at each other....when hitting some third kid (7 years old) and injured him to some extent.  Usually, once you start a Roman-Candle "war".....there are no winners, and someone ends up going to the emergency room.