Thursday, 5 July 2012

Simply Observations

HBO has gone out and gotten this new topic for a HBO-produced movie....the Fox News chief, Roger Ailes.  It's to be produced by some folks connected to MSNBC.  It doesn't really matter that much to me, but if I had ten million bucks laying around to make a movie for some network (never to be in the theaters)....there are about seven hundred characters ahead of Roger Ailes (heck, even Lindsay Lohan would have gotten more viewers).  So you'd be sitting there with your expensive cable fee for HBO....waiting for a movie on a Fox News chief?  Given a choice, I'd probably flip over and watch reruns of Bonanza, the best of Gomer Plye, or an hour NCAA women's softball.  Maybe HBO might be asking themselves why so many fewer people watch HBO today.....compared to five years ago?

We are on the sixth day now in the DC area....where around one million people are without power (counts the West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas).  A huge number of folks are upset right now.

It's long past and probably not even discussing.....but after PLO chief Yasser Arafat died, there were various suspicions over what he died from.  The vast majority of folks felt it was AIDs.....mostly because of the company that he would keep.  But there never was a test to confirm that.  So now, some scientists examining his old toothbrush and underwear, have determined that he may have had polonium-poisoning......which would be a radiation-type situation and pretty diabolical in nature.  Who'd have polonium?'d have to be a pretty well developed country with nuclear Russia or Israel.  The widow is signing up the paperwork to dig up the body of Yassar, and folks are asking stupid questions now.  The thing is.....Arafat kinda died in a hurry.  His body went downhill over a month or two, and there wasn't much of anything they could do.  Why poison him?  Well....there are various elements of the PLO who probably wanted new leadership, and his death was the only way to achieve that.  As for the guys with polonium?  Since the Russians have used it before....most folks are going to look at them.

Finally, the VFW folks are doing a pretty smart thing....helping a bunch of vets get jobs with the Keystone pipeline construction.  The jobs pay thirty percent more than what you'd typically make in the US, and a bunch of guys will find decent employment for the next year or construction goes.