Friday, 6 July 2012

The Grenade Story

To sum this up....this lady over in Bethesda, Maryland....was doing a major clean-up of the house.  Somewhere in the midst of this clean-up....she probably went to the extreme, and happened to come upon a hand-grenade.  There are a dozen ways to look at a situation like this.  Most guys would have sat there for an hour....then called up a buddy or two.....and then discussed over how this ever came to be in the house.  In this case.....the lady wanted to get rid of it.

So she takes the grenade (we assume in a purse) over to the local police station in Bethesda.  She enters the station, and she says she's got something that she wants the cops to get rid for her.  Then she pops the grenade up on the desk.

You can imagine the amount of blood surging through the cop's veins at this moment.  His blood pressure has likely tripled up and he asks a stupid question or two.  Then he determines that it's likely live and yells for everyone to clear the police station.

Someone then calls up the bomb squad and within an hour.....the bomb guys are there.  They go in fully dressed, and retrieve the hand-grenade.  Later, they explode at the range.  Yes, it was a live one.

You can figure that someone over the past thirty to forty years there.....was in the Army and likely brought it back to their home....storing it away.  I doubt that the guy felt it was dangerous. Months pass.  Years pass.  Eventually, he moves on and forgets about this (my humble guess).  Anything could occurred over the past couple of years....even a house fire, and triggered this explosion.  But nothing occurred.

So you have to think about this now.....when you buy a house....who was the last guy there, and could he have stuck away a hand-grenade?  You just don't know.

The Demon in Him Story

This is what we know.  A Baptist church called up the cops and asked them to come by and arrest a woman within the church.  The gal, sixty-four year old Ina Garrett, apparently had gotten into a heated discussion with the minister of the Baptist church.  At some point, the church members had decided to have a kick Ina out of the church....and things kinda went downhill from that point on.  Ina ended up throwing a Bible at the minister....hitting him in the face.

The cops say now that she is facing an assault charge.  In explaining her reaction to trigger the Bible-episode, Ina kinda admits that the minister "got the demon in him".

The thing is.....this is in far west Tennessee, where folks tend to take their religion fairly serious.  You could have a dozen members of some church all pumped up over Moses, and willing to spend four hours discussing one brief part of the Moses story.

What makes this story that it will come to a court case, and you can imagine the judge involved in the case being a bit worried over things getting out of control.  You'd like for this to be a simple one hour case....four questions to the arresting policeman, maybe five questions for the minister, and then get Ina's side of the story.  You don't want Ina carted off to jail because she might have a huge impact on the jail population, and trigger another event.

What you don't know out of this whole what caused the minister and Ina to get into an argument.  It might have been a quote or two.....maybe a different interpretation of Jesus and the fish story.....or maybe even some vast difference on the King James version Bible.  You just don't know.

The last part of this this quote over the minister having the demon in him.  This is something that most Baptist ministers really don't want to have hanging over themselves.  To merely suggest something like this.....would make some Baptist members a bit worried over having the minister giving sermons to their church.  Ridding "demons" just isn't something that you run into on a normal basis.  They might have to call up those Catholic guys and ask for an exorcism.....which would be a nifty show for most Baptists to watch.