Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Opposite of Opposite

I sat and watched this analysis from various political dimwits after Romney gave his speech to the NAACP crowd this week.  The only significant thing that folks wanted to chat on....was the various boos that occurred at key points in the speech.  So in the aftermath of the episode....the experts wanted everyone to know that Romney did this all on gain the boos intentionally....thus getting more white uneducated people to vote for him.

I paused, ever so briefly.....trying not to laugh.  This was the best that they could generate....from the sixty seconds of analysis that they did over the whole speech.

So, let's come to an worked.  The boos convinced fourteen million racist democrats and independents at lock themselves into place for Romney.  It's done.  In fact, it's more than enough now to win the election.

Since all of this is it's back onto the focus of the NAACP to realize that they helped President Obama lose the election.  If only they had clapped and applauded.....even mildly.....they would have irked the racist crowds in America, and convinced them to vote for President Obama instead.  They could have saved the election and ensured a second term.

In the spring of 2013, the NAACP will likely meet and discuss how President Obama lost, and how their boos convinced millions to vote for Romney.  Using the logic from the dimwits on various networks to provide political analysis....they will come to decide that the new NAACP policy will be to applaud Republican candidates, and boo Democratic candidates.

Yes, this can only happen in America.

My Neighborhood

It reads like a fancy TV movie script.

There’s a big helath insurance company which provides the District of Columbia’s city employees their health insurance. The city pays the company, and services get provided. At some point around 2008/2009…..the city, under Mayor Fenty, realized there were huge overpayments going on….so they went to court. The company, DC Chartered Health Plan…..was making $350 million off this contract annually.  Once the legal guys had done their song and dance in front of a court….the company owed DC $12 million.

The company, as you can imagine….was unhappy. They paid their fine in 2010, and they remembered what Mayor Fenty had done.

So months passed, and the November election occurred. It was an interesting mayor’s race. Old mayor runs against city councilman Vincent Gray, and there was this unusual character who popped up to slam the old mayor (Fenty) as another candidate in the background. This oddball character stirred up the black neighborhoods in DC, and in the end….probably helped to reshape at least three thousand votes either toward himself or toward Gray, but not toward Fenty. Gray wins, and the oddball character suddenly is on the hiring group….coming into a $100k a year job.

Just one problem….there’s a check of his background, and police record. Issues pop up. The oddball character is let go after a month. You can imagine his anger and hostility….he was supposed to have a nifty $100k job for four years minimum. The oddball character runs off to the TV stations, and all the political folks line up to deny any credibility toward the guy. It was an interesting month that made everyone laugh. Well….the Feds came around to interview the oddball guy, and everything he said….made sense and had facts attached.

So here sits Mayor Gray….two years into this game, and the Feds are now proving various details. The health insurance company? Well….that’s an interesting thing. There was a reimbursement deal made between DC and the company….so DC coughed up $32 million. So even as they paid the fine out to DC for $12 million….they still made it up with $20 million, and the $650k in illegal campaign contributions? Not worth mentioning.

The health insurance guy in this mess? Jeffrey Thompson. He’s kinda disappeared from public life over the past couple of months. At the very least…..I’m thinking he could end up with a fine and twelve months in prison.

Current Mayor Gray, who was all part of the deal? I’m guessing he either resigns his office or gets arrested. The old mayor (Fenty)? He hasn’t said much. I’m guessing he’s figured out the scheme and pretty angry over the whole mess. Made for a TV movie? Yes….without any doubt, but no would dare write the script for this and get a TV network talked into the mess.

The Church Story

Out in Phoenix, there’s this couple who own a house and a fair amount of acreage (my guess is around four to five acres). At some point, the couple and their kids…got into religion, and then got into some Bible-study business, that extended out to friends and associates. Nobody said anything much as long as they were driving up, parking, and Bible-studying in the house.

Well….at some point, the husband decides to build a building out in the backyard….which you’d see and classify as a double-two car garage (big enough for four cars), and mounted some heavy-duty AC unit on top of the structure. If it’d been designed as a garage….it’d probably have gone mostly unnoticed by the neighbors. But it worked like a house to a degree, and this was to become his Bible-study structure.

Neighbors kinda looked at this, asked some stupid questions, and eventually complained. My guess is that the size of this made them start to think in terms of a fair number of folks possible showing up. We are talking more than a dozen….maybe more than thirty….and maybe closer to fifty. The thing is….this was just a regular neighborhood….regular housing….and this Bible-study ‘development’ is whipping itself into being a church, which isn’t part of the local code.

Naturally, the authorities get involved, and the owner is in some serious trouble. He’s all upset because freedom of religion is a proud fact of American life, and a man’s home ought to be open to such events. A bunch of Americans are all peppy over his violated church rights and want to stand up to support the guy.

I sat and pondered over this mess. These days, you can build just about anything onto your backyard, with a city limits. If you want a pool, no issue. If you want a tool shed, no issue. If you want a hobby shop, no issue. A business operation? Well….no, that will be denied. A transmission repair shop? No, that will be denied. A lawnmower repair facility in your regular garage? Probably accepted up to a certain point. In this case…..the guy wants a Bible-study deal but not a real church.

The trouble is….he building up a structure that starts to blend into being a church. Then you invite this issue of parking for folks who want to come by. Toss in fifty folks, their vehicles….and it starts to make it more than a Bible-study building….and into a real church. All across America, including Phoenix….there are churches up for sale. Prices are down, and a guy could pick up a building for a fair sum. It’d seem like he put some effort into this and do things the right way, instead of fighting his neighbors on a constant basis.