Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Just Pondering

Just two cents of thought on the Boy Scouts vote yesterday for a continued ban on gays within the organization.  It's their organization, and they can run it anyway they want.  If they wanted left-wing dictators from South America to run it....they'd approve the rule change and make it so.

So for the enthusiasts who get all upset and angry over this....just start a brand-new Gay Scouts organization which runs kinda like the Boy Scouts, and be happy with your own product.

If you think about it long enough and ponder upon's like endorsing the idea of atheists being allowed into the Baptist organization, and actually becoming a minister.....maybe even the president of the Southern Baptist Convention.  That just won't happen.

So just start the organization and make the best out of the deal.  Maybe in forty'll be a success. Maybe.  It's just not something that I'd be betting a lot of money on.

Could Have Been on Seinfeld

Photo compliments of AP (Mary Altaffer).

The story here is that a SUV was parked up on a higher floor of a New York City building, and had to pull onto an get down to the ground.  Well....the elevator wasn't it just went crashing forty feet to the ground.  No one hurt really.  Probably the end of this vehicle.

What would happen on Seinfeld?  Well....Cramer would have said to just keep pulling forward, and Jerry would have done it.  As the crash occurred...Jerry would have called Elaine to come over and see this.  He might have called up George and said he'd be a little late.  Then some flare-up with the insurance lady would have turned Jerry's day upside down....twice over.  The insurance lady would have asked if he was certified to drive into an elevator.

In New York City.....things just happen.