Thursday, 19 July 2012

Random Acts of Stupidity

As most of you know.....I work at the Pentagon.

There was a parking meeting this week.  Massive change coming to Pentagon parking over the next five years. The Pentagon is in a must-do situation where they are "green-qualified", which means you must accomplish a number of green things. One of that X-percentage of your property....must be actually green (without concrete or asphalt). Well....they don't meet that objective and are in a position of losing their green-certification.

Naturally, this means you need to remove asphalt and concrete….which means that parking spots need to disappear. So they've give up hundreds of their parking spots (around the five corners of the building)....over five continue the green-certification.

The Army loses, the Air Force loses, the Navy loses, and the Marines lose. But, we will proudly be green-certified....and just wondering where to park in five years.

You can imagine the original planners of the Pentagon sitting around. They really didn’t have to do much thinking over parking. You just paved, and paved, and paved….until you had enough parking. Today, you end up telling General Gus, Mr Smith, Captain Joe, Sergeant Snuffy, and Private Jimmy that they need to park somewhere far off, and pay for their parking…then walk half-a-mile or ride the Metro into work because you really can’t have free parking at the Pentagon. 

Somehow, you add up the green stuff, the green certificate, then minus out the parking done somewhere else on someone else's concrete or asphalt, then minus up the $100 a month to pay some joker because you can't park at your office parking anymore, and you end up with a least with my math.

All of this is done….in the interest of a green-certificate. Maybe this will make sense in the years to come. But on the general scale of common sense….I’m just shaking my head.