Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Neighborhood

We have an interesting episode brewing in the District of Columbia....just across the river from me.  If you were a high school with dismal grades over the past year....they are offering you summer school with a twist.  The deal is....$5.25 an hour....to attend summer school.  Yep, you'd get paid to attend.

So far, it's around three hundred kids involved in this program.  The DC school mafia explains that this helps to motivate kids.  The money?  Well...it's from the DC pot of money for such episodes.

I sat and pondered over this.  As a kid....if you were forced into summer school....it meant that you were on the verge of failure, and they'd just overlook it if you would show up for four weeks of "fake" school in the summer.  I only knew two or three kids ever stuck in this situation.  To me.....summer school didn't really amount to anything worth bragging about.

This idea of handing out cash to attend school?  It basically means that you have too much cash in your hands, and that the kids now take summer school as a joke (maybe it was always a joke).

So you figure this math out....roughly thirty bucks a day, minus $12 for taxes and such.  So you get $22 a day to attend school.  Figure around $100 a week, and you might clear $500 for the whole summer school period in DC.  Maybe it's worth it.....but I seriously doubt it.