Saturday, 4 August 2012

Two Thousand Years of Chick-Fil-A

Over the past week, I've sat and watched this Chick-Fil-A episode unfold.  It's probably true that the CEO walked into an interview and carried it to a personal level.  The problem is....the company was built from the ground up....with Christian values.  They don't open on Sundays.....their friendliness is genuine.....their business model is simplified with nothing truly fancy.

Chick-Fil-A has attracted attention, and people with strong values that lean against Christians.

My advice?

In the beginning.....if you were a Christian....there were folks against you.  It didn't matter how nice you acted or how quietly you kept your philosophic attracted negative attention.

People came to challenge you on the some front of crowds.....and you targeted.

Some folks dragged you out to a Coliseum-event, turned the lions and tigers loose on you.....and just watched for the entertainment value.

Some folks who pursued a Christian life....found themselves on the run, eventually cornered, and then tied up on crosses as examples to other Christians.

Along the way, some Christians misused their philosophy and brought harm to those around themselves. They probably weren't true Christians, but the harm had been done.

Here we are today.  Some guy has tried to build and run a business along Christian values.  Guys like Donald Trump could never bring themselves to that level and would argue that it has no place in a business environment.  Somehow, Chick-Fil-A has survived, and made itself into a profitable enterprise.  They could have been bigger or better....without the Christianity involved....but they made both a public and private decision over this.  It is what it is.

Your best tactic in a hostile environment like this?  Stand and get "stoned" via the media or the hostile crowds.  As they hit you on one turn to the other cheek.

When they scream at you....ask the good Lord to forgive them....they know not what they do.

When they drive up and perform some lewd act at the window or yell at you.....just say a silent prayer for them.....they really do need it.

When some wannabe journalist does his two-minute rant on how terrible your company is.....forgive him....he doesn't really have a job or much of a life to talk about.

Life will go on for Chick-Fil-A....mostly because of the nature that tomorrow will come and better times are always ahead.  Some guys back about two thousand years ago felt they could take down Christianity.....they more or less guessed wrong.  They aren't around to be interviewed on the Today Show, but you can look around the world and attest to the fact that these Christian guys have kinda survived a bunch of bad things.  You'd almost say that someone is looking over them....although you'd hate to think that God gets down into the weeds and among other things......fixes up some mighty fine fried chicken.

In the end, you need to forgive a bunch of folks.  That takes a bit of effort, I know.