Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Just Observations

First, there's talk in France that the President there is working on a plan to put a 75-percent tax on anyone who makes more than $1.24 million dollars a year within France.  Naturally, just mere talk got a bunch of folks to call up their accountants and ask for the facts.  Course, there's nothing on the books's mere talk, to make the middle-class and poverty-class of France happy.  Even with the best of figures....the belief is that you'd be talking about 30k residents who fell into this category.  Would they be willing to move?  I'm guessing that 5k French people would end up leaving and becoming residents of Spain, England, Luxembourg, or Germany.  The French government would be willing to chase them away, while in this comical game of taxation.

Second, there's this movie coming out in December....just after the election, called Zero Dark Thirty.  It's about the hunt for Ossama bin Laden.  It's supposed to have all the inside information and really make Americans happy and peppy over the hunt for bin Laden, and hopefully vote for President Barak Obama.  Based on commentary, this movie was kinda you might find some errors in the production....things that were wrong or filmed in the wrong way.  The curious thing is that most folks all thought that it'd be released the week before the election.....and it won't be that way.  Worth watching?  Maybe.

Third, it's not a story that will appear on CNN, ABC, or CBS, or in the New York Times.....but the government is now going after folks who get social security checks, who have kids they co-signed college loans for and the kid failed to make his payments on the college loan.  Imagine Karl standing up fifteen years ago and borrowing $45k.  Karl got a job and made payments for roughly ten years, but still owed $10k when he got unemployed.  Karl came back and lived in dad's basement.....drinking his beer....eating his food....and just thinking that the co-signed loan was just another thing that he'd toss on the bankruptcy plate he was building.  Well....a co-signed loan is different.  So dad wakes up and there's the note from Social Security.....$190 deducted form this month's $1290 check.  Explanation?  You were stupid enough to co-sign, so you will pay the remainder of the $10k until you die.  Pretty sad event for an old guy to face.....the kid's screw-up and nature to borrow money at fault here.  The answer?  Get Karl out working somewhere and make the kid start paying on his loan again.

Fourth and final.....everyone thought CNN had hit rock-bottom on people watching....back in June.  Well....from last week, CNN has hit a new low on viewers.  This week?  It might even be lower.  CNN is fairly worried about the mess but obviously, they can't compete in the new market with the gameplan they currently have in place.