Friday, 24 August 2012

The 30-Rock Comedy

If you have watched NBC over the last know that there is this Thursday night show called "30-Rock", which is supposed to be a peppy news segment and high-class news stuff that they couldn't put on at the 6PM thirty-minute segment.

Well....tonight....they are giving an entire hour of news coverage on the Mormons.  They figure that most Americans don't know much about they ought to tell the story.  They wanted to interview candidate Romney for the segment over his personal feelings for the Mormon Church....but Mitt turned them down.

To make sense out of this.....the news person....Miss Kate Snow....will come around and do this interview business with a Mormon gay, a Mormon lady who is described as a radical pro-woman agenda type, a Mormon mixed couple (that means interacial or black guy with a white gal situation), and a cast member of the Broadway musical show "The Book of Mormon", who happens to be a Mormon.

Are they interviewing any NCAA Mormon football coaches?  No.  Are they interviewing any Latino Mormons?  Apparently not.  Are they interviewing any Florida Mormon gator-wrestlers?  No.  Are they interviewing any Mormon farmers? Apparently not.  Are they interviewing any midget Mormons? No.  Are they interviewing any Mormon Mafia members?  No.  Are they going to interview any any radical left-wing fanatical Mormon anarchists?  No.  Will they interview any Mormon college cheerleaders?  Probably not.


A word of advice for NBC and 30-Rock newsy folks.....ever wondered why your numbers decline?  Ever wondered why folks don't take your journalism serious?  Ever sat around and thought about the dismal rating of your news episodes?  There must be a reason, but for the life of me.....I just can't guess it.

So, if you have some time tonight....whatever is on the History Channel or Animal Planet.....around the time of the 30-Rock show.....I'd probably watch Animal Planet or the History Channel.