Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Truth about the 47 Percent

I sat and watched the Romney clip, where someone caught him making the comment over Obama "base" which is composed of people who will vote for him.....with no other possible conclusion....because they are utterly dependent on the US government, and pay no taxes.  After it ended....I sat there for five minutes.  It's a long pause, because you have to think this through.....forty-seven folks out of one hundred....are pretty settled in their lifestyle....paying no taxes, and relying in some fashion on the US government for their survival.  Why would they not vote for President Obama?

When you get dependent on someone or some thing.....you don't have much of a escape in life.  You'd like to say you are indepdent and can make it on your own.....but the truth is....between the college loan, the welfare check, Medicare, Social Security, and various other gimmicks.....you just can't be walking freely.

So then, you get this great deal.....because of the standard of living you have....you don't pay taxes.  You don't worry about it.....because rich Joe or the hubcap plant over on the other side of town.....will cover what the government spends, and cover your expenses.

Course, at some point, the guy who owns the hubcap plant finds out that he can make them cheaper.....in China.  So he up and leaves the US.....takes his hubcap designs, and has Hui and the boys build them in China.

Then, the refrigerator plant over in the next county.....that pays taxes on their "vast" revenue from profits.....come to figure out that they can make the same refrigerators over in China as well.  So they go over and hire up Hui and the boys to build cheaper refrigerators.

Then, the rich guy from your senior class who you were fairly dependent on to pay taxes to cover your cost?  Well....he finally figured a way to export his $1 million out of the US to Costa Rica and bought himself a nice house over the beach.  He pays $8k a year to the Costa Rican government now.....and is fairly happy over the tax situation in Costa Rica.

After a while, between massive debt owed to China and a bunch of guys like you on some government relief package or government substance.....life becomes kind of difficult for fancy-pants government guys.  They can't exactly pay you all the cash that you need or cover all the debt that they owe to the Chinese government on bonds.  So they have to start making decisions that make you a bit of a second-class citizen.  The truth is.....you've been a second-class citizen for a number of years, and this is simply regulating you down to a third-class citizen.

Forty-seven percent of the population will eventually....in a decade or two or three.....come to find themselves falling into a pit without much comfort.  It'd be nice if we still manufactured TVs in America....but we don't.  It'd be nice if we manufactured all our car parts in America.....but we don't.  It'd be nice if we manufactured all of our laptops and computers in America.....but we don't.

Your edge here.....your grace is life....is utterly dependent on what remaining manufacturing we perform, and keeping the wealth in America.  If those don't concrete themselves down....then your buddy who pays for all your substance in life....will eventually disappear.

It is that simple.

Just Some Sense

First, some royal princess ended up on a vacation in France and decided that she could remove her top, while on private property, do a bunch of semi-nude sunbathing, and never expect some idiot photographer to take her picture.  If your name is on some list of 1k people that photographers want lusty photos of.....you might want to think about things you do.

Second, just about everything over the killing of this ambassador in Libya indicates that it was planned down to some degree, and some insider had knowledge of things.  It doesn't matter what the President or his staff say.....you end up with a different view of things.  The comedy tape made by the idiot out in California?  If he spent $2 million on this....he basically wasted his money.  I'd also be curious where his funding came from and if he really knows the folks backing him (yeah, I'm hinting some Saudi cash is somewhere in this funding episode for the video).

Third, yeah.....the dollar is sinking back down against the Euro....thus making US goods cheaper.  A planned procedure to churn up some US business profits?  Probably.  Bush used the same tactic for eight years....so this administration is simply returning to practices that work.

Fourth, and final....all this negativity in Egypt has one serious consequence.  Roughly eleven percent of the national economy depends on dimwit visitors to arrive and have fun for two weeks in Egypt, and to see some historical stuff.  Just scaring a quarter of the visitors away....means you lost three percent of your economy with no way to make it back up.  It was a no-brainer.  Just smile at funny idiots from France, England and the US....serve them lots of cocktails.....dump them off at the Pyramid.....and ensure they safely travel around the countryside.