Sunday, 23 September 2012

Simply Observations

Romney came out Friday with the 2011 tax return, and I get the impression from the media that him donating around $4 million was a bad thing....that the almost $2 million he paid from $13 million of income for the year was bad....and that he should just give up.  My humble guess is that they keep hoping for some idiot to come out of the woodwork who paid forty percent of their income in taxes.  At least count, there are zero media personalities who have released their 2011 tax return.  I checked.

The Post Office folks came out and said they are apparently going after more junk mail customers....because profits tend to be improved if they do that.  So, they will deliver more junk mail to your order to maintain a profitable enterprise.  I'm guessing at some point, they will come up to you and offer you a "subscription" to cancel out all junk mail to your house, for $9.99 a month, and probably a quarter of all houses in America will accept that deal.

CNN apparently got the dead American ambassador's notebook there in Libya....gazed over it a fair bit and wrote notes....then turned it over to the family.  Naturally, both the family and the State Department are upset about this.  CNN?  They haven't said much.  It's a bad case of ethics....but then the information that came out of the notebook was probably the same stuff that the State Department already knew and was worthless anyway (my humble opinion).

Some story came out last week from a scrap of paper left over from 2k-odd years ago, discussing Jesus and his "wife".  At best, it's four lines of a couple of words, and really is of limited value....if you ask me.  Toss onto this that there were likely 600 guys walking around the Middle East in the times who had the name it really might not be worth discussing.  You just don't know.

Finally, down in Foley, Bama....we've got this thirteen year old kid (Tony Heath) who will start fall college classes at the community college at Faulkner State.  The kid is smart, without argument.  He's made an interesting observation so far after a couple of weeks of college classes.  He thinks....that you basically get an entire month of "smarts" out of two college classes.....compared to an entire month of high school classes.  Most folks won't argue with that, and it's something we'd best not mention to high school teachers around Bama.  The truth is....probably 3k kids from around Bama from ages fourteen to sixteen....probably ought to be in community college instead of high school.....just my humble opinion.