Sunday, 30 September 2012

Just Observations

This whole Libya and dead ambassador thing has pretty much gone on for as much as you can stand.  There are three basic truths here.  First, a bunch of thugs showed up with RPGs and heavy machine guns to kill a guy.....not to protest some video.  Second, some idiots at the State Department never had adequate security in the country to protect the ambassador, and the ambassador in the final ten minutes of his life came to realize their stupidity.  Third....a bunch of folks would like to say some idiot out in California has caused all this trouble, with a zero-star video-production company.  If this threat from the zero-star production company is true....then God help everyone because we can produce millions of anti-Muslim video clips every single month.

Some idiot Michigan lottery winner from last year....who picked up a million in winnings....came up dead a few days ago....from an overdoes of drugs.  That's the problem with winning any real money in never know how to use it or to abuse it.

Senator John Kerry has been picked to be the debate "threat" for Obama as he prepares to debate Governor Romney.  It's hard to say that John Kerry has the skills to prepare the President for this kind of situation.  Can Kerry even act Republican?  Can Kerry deliver any Mormon wit or humor?  Can Kerry act like Romney?  You just don't know.

Some newspaper writers are burning the pages with this idea that racism will defeat President Obama in the election.  In their won't be won't be stagnant growth in the won't be the Obama health care law....and it won't be national energy policy.  If there were a list of 100 possible reasons to vote against the President....I would admit that racism might be rated somewhere around ninety to one hundred, but it's pretty far down the chart, and doesn't amount to much.  Course, who reads newspapers these days?

Finally, somewhere in the last week....up in Massachusetts, there's an election underway for Senator.  Somehow, it's come out that the Democratic gal in the running....has been a lawyer for all these years, but she apparently didn't have a legit license to practice law within the state.  It's hard to say where this little bit of news will take the election, but every case that she provided help now under question.  The state might have to redo a few cases all over again.