Friday, 5 October 2012

The Day After The Debate

Yesterday turned out to be very entertaining...watching everyone jump up and say stupid things about the Tuesday night debate.  In the morning, I caught the Today Show, then at work....sitting in McDonalds for twenty minutes....I caught MSNBC's morning show.  Later, there was a CNN show.  Last night, I watched ABC, more of MSNBC, and some Fox News.


One network brought on an acting expert and said the President wasn't acting Presidential.

One network brought up Al Gore, who commented that the 4k foot elevation laid into the President, who only had eight hours in the high elevation to get fixed up and able to clearly think.

One network brought out a guy who tore into the debate coach (Senator Kerry), and wanted the guy fired.

One network brought up the bare mention of cutting PBS's budget and spent eight minutes telling folks the wonderful things that PBS does for America, and why Romney is totally wrong to suggest otherwise.  Course, the President never defended PBS after Romney said that.....and you noticed that.

One network came out with a body language expert and said the President looked out of he never wanted to be there.

One network came out with a Senator from Vermont, who claimed the President looked "listless", which I took to mean depressed.

You get the impression that thousands of man-hours were wasted in the eighteen hours after the discuss something other than the debate itself.

I would argue on one thing....if I were going into a debate like this myself.....I would have flown into Denver two days ahead of time and checked myself into a four-star hotel.  I would have done debate practice there, rested a full evening without traveling on the plane, and been fairly peppy.  I do think the 7PM start time might have been taxing to some older guys.  If you think about it....your best time of day for some event like morning hours.

The sad thing is that we now have three remaining debates to go, and countless hours to be wasted after each, with various explanations why things ran the way they did.