Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Simply Observations

The PBS folks and worrying about the budget?  Well...here's the thing.  In the case of Romney winning....there's this fairly good chance of the US government cutting the budget on PBS....maybe by fifty percent....maybe 100 percent.  You just don't know.  Can they survive without the full contribution? I would imagine that they'd find various ways to cut their budget and salaries, and then ask for more contributions from Ford, GM or BP.  Some big names from PBS will be angry over suggested salary cuts, let's face it....you have a weak channel that most folks don't watch.  You weren't in the same league as CNN, ABC, or Fox News.  That's reality.

Reports out of University of Alabama indicate some young freshman ended doing LSD....tripping out big....threatening a cop....chasing the cop around, and finally, the cop shot the kid dead.  Cops are shaking their heads over this.  Kid didn't need to die in this type of situation.  I'm guessing that university will hope that the parents don't fuss or ask stupid questions....but if they do....the university might have to actually go after drugs on campus.  God forbid they'd have to get rough on the punks.

Finally, they had this big tea meeting with scientists recently....International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health.  Funny thing, they came out and basically said that green tea improves bone mass and helps with fractures.  Black tea?  It supposedly helps reduce strokes and blood pressure.  Tea burning calories?  Yeah, they can show that a strong dose of tea each day.....burns 100 calories off your body.  Toss in a half-lemon, and avoid all sugar in your XXL-glass of ice tea......you just might be adding a year of life onto your body.