Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Neighborhood

We had another "death-by-METRO" today.....guy over at Farragut North Station....around 11AM....just plain jumped in front of the oncoming subway car.  Cops won't say much....except he was from Maryland.

It's about every four to six weeks....some guy does a jump.  METRO is spending money on training station and subway operators how to watch for folks....but to be honest, there's just no way to guess what the guy is going to do.

What happens after this is pretty bad.  A number of emergency guys get a call.  They are there strictly to pick up the bits and pieces of the guy on the track.

There's usually at least a dozen to twenty cops around.... mostly to keep folks far away from the efforts underway.  The cops come from METRO, DC, or the local guys (Maryland or Virginia).  You can figure at least three hours of duty time in this effort.

There's usually anywhere from three to ten METRO guys standing around. It's hard to figure what exactly they are there for.....other than observing and commenting to each other about how this happens every month now.

Toward the end....some maintenance guys arrive....to wash down or mop up the situation.  Somebody has to do it.

Someone will eventually get an ID....go over to the house, and figure out friends and relatives.  There'll be some story to the episode, but we never hear about that in the local news.  We won't know how or why this had to happen.

Most folks have an opinion on this now.....they'd like for the guys to go somewhere far away from people or society and just do it alone.  You don't need to involve the driver, the folks on the platform, the cops, or anyone else.  No one really understands your mess, or how you got so depressed, or who dumped you, or why your four years in college were a waste.

So on we go....waiting for four weeks to pass....and the next person to think 'death-by-METRO' is the answer.

Simply Observations

In less than three weeks, the election will finally be over.  To be honest, I'm fed up with commericals from both parties for a slew of candidates or negativity.  It doesn't matter if you wake up at 4AM.....you still get blasted with the terrible history of the Republicans or the wasted opportunities of the President.  The sad thing?  I get a brief rest for three years, and this cycle starts again.

I kinda noticed that Hulk Hogan is taking up a court case...over this recent lusty video of him and some gal.  The case will center around an ex-friend....who happens to be a ex-wrestler....who offered up his wife to Hulk in some arrangement (at least we are told this)....and the ex-friend video-tapped the passionate moments of Hulk and the wife.  Hulk is pushing for a hundred-million in this case.  You have to imagine the judge getting this will sit there and start laughing.  The whole thing sounds like a script for some movie.

The Feds are investigating Jessie Jackson Jr (Representative from Chicago to Congress) for spending campaign funds in an illegal way.  It would appear that he (or his wife), got into the campaign funds....to spend on some kind of renovation of the DC house....in order to sell it.  The Feds won't say how much was spent.....I'd speculate it was less than $100k.  The interesting thing about this deal is that Rep Jackson is sitting in a mental hospital presently (since July) for bi-polar situations.  He's also running in his district and likely to win, although there hasn't been a single appearance of the guy since late spring in public.  Even if the Feds connect the dots....then what?  The accused just says he's crazy, takes his place in the House, and everything goes on as normal.  You can't charge a crazy guy and expect to win.....but you can vote a crazy guy into the House.

Only in America.