Friday, 19 October 2012

The Bearded Guy

It probably won't be discussed much on major news networks....but there's been a fight brewing in court with the Fort Hood shooter....the Muslim Army major who shot and wounded a number of US Army personnel back in 2009.

The fight?  Well....the major says that he ought to be able to retain a beard part of his Muslim religious episode, and appear in the court-martial with the beard.  Naturally, the military judge in charge of this....said no.

The major's defense team is pushing the issue higher....basically spending a fair amount of time arguing this and delaying the case....over a beard.  In a's become a comical side of this pretty dramatic court episode.

The problem that the major spent his entire career in the Army, with a shaved face....although he was a Muslim for the entire time. The pay-back so far in delaying the case?  Well....the Army dumped a $1k fine onto the Major....six times now.

I don't think the Major cares much about the fine....or the beard....and this whole thing is about delay tactics only.  Final judgement?  Most Army folks want him put into an execution situation because thirteen Army personnel are dead because of his terror tactics.

It might be another year before the case is finally wrapped up and some judgement passed down.  The Army will admit they'd like a speedy situation, but this has become anything but that.

The Sixth of November

Six November is less than three weeks away.  The evening of Six November will prove to be a difficult moment for political side over another.  Based on polling data, there is a swing in play now.  It's a feeling that some felt in 1980 with Jimmy Carter.  Things kinda fell completely apart for the Carter team in the last two months, and there was almost nothing they could say or do to reverse the trend.

Some will say that media elites will mostly fall silent by eleven PM that evening and not be able to handle explanations.  By the next day.....economic experts will start to appear on various channels and note the terrible woes of the incoming presidency and how they will be unprepared for things, and unable to make their policies work.

My humble guess is that VP Joe will take the seventh of November off.....probably open up a case of beer and talk NFL football, NCAA bowl choices, and the best clam chowder you can find in Delaware.

Secretary of State Clinton?  She's quietly leave the office by mid-day and mostly avoid discussions with anyone over the results.  I think she will see so many screw-ups by this administration as leading up to the loss, and she would have ran a totally different campaign.

Fox News?  They will move directly to the cabinet choices and who fits into what role.  I doubt if they even waste a minute to trying to explain how something happened or how one campaign failed to capitalize on results.

The Hollywood crowd?  I would imagine they fall into a disbelief moment.  Everyone they talked to....was voting President else could he lose?

How do you slip like this?

There are three simple explanations.  First, in the first two should have been three factors on the table....the economy, jobs, and budget cutting.  Everyone should have focused on bringing trust back into the heartland, and stabilizing the economy.  Maybe in the third year, focus on a small health-care improvement law and a small immigration reform act. You'd still have full control of the House if you had prioritized like that. Things would be better today.....and more independent voters would have recognized that.

Second, the speeches laid out in 2008....made this lofty projection of where we'd all be in 2012.  Well....those predictions were way beyond belief, and dragged folks off to expect too much.  At best, the administration probably accomplished one-third of what they talked about in 2008.  It's ok to aim high....but in this was beyond belief.

Third, you basically had the luck of following George Bush.  To be had all these great media folks projecting everything you did of 'solid-gold'.  As the anti-Bush, you were given lots of free passes.  You got the Nobel Peace Prize for following George Bush.  The truth is.....that was like turbo fuel running through your administration.  You had to show results after the Bush period, and it just wasn't working that way.

The Native Show

I have an addiction for one particular TV show....which usually shocks folks.  South Park.

Last night was a fresh new episode....which I came to view as one of the three best episodes they've delivered.

Butters has demonstrated some behavioral problems.  The school is on the verge of suspending him.  His parents come over and view Butters, then request that Butters be let out for several days to "fix" his problem.

The parents come to reveal to Butters....that they are not like regular people.  They are "natives".....of Hawaii....thus being different than regular people.  And the time has come for Butters to go back to Hawaii....for a ceremony of becoming a man.  Course, no description is ever given for any of this.  Then they hand Butters their Hawaii 'rewards' card....which gives every 'native' a discount.

Somewhere in this event of travel....Kenny is the one to go and travel to Hawaii with Butters.

As we come to find out....a bunch of white Americans have come into Hawaii over the past decade....all claiming some native status....all having a discount card....and pretending to act Hawaiian...when they aren't.  They take Butters in and will introduce him to 'native-status'.

Kenny is viewed as an outsider, and is barely allowed to stay.  Trouble brews....when the discount card business is suddenly terminated, and the natives get restless without it.

Then Kenny is tasked to perform in some manly Hawaiian function, which he fails, and is washed away.  Butters is confused but accepts Kenny's fate.  A war then erupts between the Americans, and the 'natives'. Naturally, things go bad for the Americans, then bad for the 'natives'.

Kenny eventually returns....saves the day....and all the natives are happy.

The true moment of the show?  There are two moments when Kenny is writing back to Stan and the gang in Colorado...using a British-like voice and writing like Graham Greene or Joseph Conrad (Lord Jim).  For a brief was a five-star writing experience, and you could only wish that the show would last an entire hour.