Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Just Observations

For about a month, I've been closely watching this Lance Armstrong stuff going on.  Most of his titles are gone, and the big guys have noted Lance as a "doper".  The problem?  There's still not a single test that they can cite or show....where he doped up.  None.  Oh, there's plenty of people saying that Lance was their friend, and they know he was doping.  But no test results to back that up.  So you are left with something that makes you wonder.  Maybe Lance is wrong.....but it sure would help to have just one test result to back up the words against him.

This comment about the President (from debate #3) over bayonets got plenty of talk yesterday.  Here's the thing which most of these media guys kinda skipped over.  Every single Marine is still trained to use bayonets, and each single Marine is still issued a bayonet.  Marines used bayonets in almost every single war that they've been involved in.  The folks who manufacture bayonets?  They might not be selling a huge number....but their number one customers....the US Marines.....still buy them on a regular basis.  That kinda says something.

There's this talk that Donald Trump will release the divorce paperwork between the Obamas, which occurred back around 2000.  How Donald got the a question mark.  I'm guessing he found the right county official in Chicago, put $100k on the table.....and the documents were handed over.  How does it change the election?  Well....folks voting for Obama will just get more angry, and vote twice as hard.  Independents who are still undecided?  I doubt if it matters for them.  It'll give folks on the weekend talk circuit something to discuss....but frankly....who cares?  Apparently, whatever issues cleaned up.....and life went on.

Yesterday....we had this Manassas, Virginia gal.....end up with charges.  She was up around the entrance of Bethesda Naval Medical Center (Maryland), when all heck broke loose.  She crashed car into another car, then tried to run over the security officer at the gate.   From what cops say....the civilian security guard got all excited, and pumped a round or two into the window of the gal's car.  Then she takes off and runs into a construction site nearby.  Cops then grabbed her.  At some point, someone noted that they saw her eating on a bar of soap (or it appeared to be a bar of soap).  As the cops yanked her out of the car....she was yelling "Jesus, Jesus" (she'd probably been at a revival recently).  Right now....cops say she will be charged with first-degree assault and reckless endangerment.  It's enough to get at least a year in a Maryland jail....if you ask me.  The possibility of drugs being involved?  I'd say 100 percent chance, but the cops never tested her, and we shall never know that answer.  As for the brand of soap she was munching on?  Don't know.....but it's probably Irish Spring.

Finally, I tried to sit and watch an hour of CNN news last night.  It felt like some cheerleader-run episode of political discussion.  Some gal tried to talk you into thinking something....which was about about ninety percent bogus.  After about twelve minutes of this....I just gave up.  Anyone wondering why CNN has lost so many viewers?