Saturday, 27 October 2012

Just an Idea

Over the past month, I've continually gone back to look at updates over this Libyan episode where the ambassador was murdered (I know....none of the big news guys ever use this word, but if you were a governor in Iowa and they bombed your house with mortars ...most folks would say "murder").

I've come to this opinion.  There probably was something that the CIA or the US military could have done.....but it would have taken Presidential involvement to get them to cross that stream.

So I've come to this opinion.  We need six guys hired up to be President of the United States....on a swinging shift arrangement.  I figure eight-hour shifts, with two to three days off each week.  We'd have the guy sitting in a national strategic command-post, where he'd see events unfolding and could make minute-by-minute orders.  As President one's shift ends....President two steps in and keeps things going in the right direction.  If it lasts longer than his shift, then President three steps in.

Now, the negative is that you'd probably also need another group of six guys doing the same thing in the White House....doing mostly PR-work.  And I'd need a third team that goes around the country to view flooded canals, tornado damage, and shaking hands with former Green Bay quarterbacks.  I'd also need another team that handles only relations with the House and the Senate.  And finally, I'd need another team of Presidents who handle international affairs, funerals in Paris, and Colombian hooker episodes.

Altogether, I'd need around thirty US Presidents.  And toss in thirty VP's as well.  Yeah, the pension costs and Secret Service detail would be huge.

But this is the only way that we'd finally get some President at the right place and right do the right thing.

I admit....elections would be difficult if 300 guys were running for President, and the Electoral College would have to be changed a bit to allow thirty guys to win.  Yeah, it might confuse the Today Show hosts to remember all thirty, and it might be a hassle to arrange the schedule so that some guys get time off.

The issue is that we've come to expect alot from the President, and I kinda doubt that the system works like we think it does.

Old is New

The idea is simple.  Ford opened up this deal to bring back the body, and only the body, of the 1940 Ford Coupe.  $11,900.

No, you get nothing other than the body.  No engine.  No lights.  Nothing else.

Who buys something like this?  I would imagine at least 100k guys are looking at the advertisement and making a call to order theirs within the next month.  By the end of the year....another 100k guys will order it.

They pull the body into their garage, and will spend the next two years....working on the various pieces to customize their own version of the 1940 Ford Coupe.  Their wives will be furious at first, but later find that it's kept their husband busy and out of trouble.

The success of this will lead to several folks thinking over the idea of twenty other classic include (my humble opinion) the original Volkswagen Bug, the Edsel, and even the classic Willys Overland.

My belief is that something is going to occur here which drives the big three car-makers to examine the idea of bringing back classic bodies and putting modern engines and technology into them.