Monday, 29 October 2012

Just Observations

It wasn't surprising....the afternoon talky-talk show.....Anderson Cooper....cancelled after dismal ratings. About a year ago....I caught twenty minutes of the show and kept thinking it wasn't much to watch and maybe it was meant just for housewives.  Replacement?  Don't know.

It came out today....that the Fiat management folks are discussing the movement of both Jeep and Chrysler to Italy.  You probably won't see it mentioned on CBS or ABC....but it's out in the business news.  The Italian government will give them a huge export deal.  The feeling within Jeep and Chrysler circles?  I think they are a bit shocked, and wondering if they might be given a chance to learn Italian and move to Italy with the team.  The advantage of saving Chrysler back four years ago?  I hate bringing up this topic....but if they'd gone through bankruptcy court.....the Fiat guys might not have gotten their hands on Chrysler   The odds that China will end up with some part of Jeep?  I'd wager it's a pretty good chance.

The President came out in some speech today, and said he'd have a Secretary of his next cabinet.  I kinda scratched my head.  He says that the business world needs someone in the cabinet to connect to and make requests to change things.  Course, you'd think that the Secretary of Commerce would be the same thing as the Secretary of Business.....but apparently, this just isn't possible.

This Libya business being a cover-up? ought to take three days for some independent Senator to find out the real truth, and then things ought to be settled.  That hasn't happened.  Both parties are charged up and unable to act in a decent fashion.  So the public is left to wonder....true or false?  You just don't know.


It's a bit unusual to watch a hurricane arrive in slow motion.

Since the middle of last week....we've kinda known here in the DC area that Sandy was coming.  Folks have had five days to prepare.

The real hurricane starts to arrive on Monday night and runs through most of Tuesday.  But there's a bunch of rain and wind to come tonight (Sunday), and run through all of Monday.  So the federal government finally came out late today and said Monday will be a off-day.  They won't talk about Tuesday....but you can figure it'll be worse than Monday, so it'll be a off-day.

The METRO guys?  Here on Sunday evening....they finally came out and said they just won't run anything for Monday at all.  Absolute shutdown as of midnight tonight.  They probably won't run anything on Tuesday either.

The electrical companies have called far and wide for reinforcements.  They had to admit that several of the neighboring states won't provide anything because they expect trouble too.

For roughly thirty-six hours.....folks are now going into wait-and-see mode.

Why America isn't Run by Children

I sat and watched a video clip today.  It was an odd piece.  A bunch of children standing, and singing.  The tune?  Didn't really matter.  The words?  It was a fairly lame piece over how these children of the future....are suffering under the actions of a President Romney.

At the end, it kinda concludes....don't let this happen.

For about sixty seconds....I pondered over the piece.  Done in black and white....wordy and creative....comical in some ways to the naive audience who might watch it.

At some point....there was some Biblical verse that I remembered from decades I went back to First Corinthians...13:11.  "When I was a child....I spoke like a child....I thought like a child....I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways".

At the end of the day....this video clip is some childish piece of political maneuvering   The sad twenty years....most of these kids who participated will wonder how they got dragged into this and probably wonder about the political motivates of the childish adults around them.