Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Neighborhood

The Metro guys here....our subway and bus around today to admitting that they've caught around sixty-odd folks....sleeping in some work.  After the first episode, you got a warning, and then some coaching on how to avoid being caught napping.

At some point in this report....Metro then got around to admitting that statistically.....they are finding drivers who are working twenty hours per day, four more than the regulation allows...even under extreme conditions.

The reason?  All you need is one boss who agrees to allow you pull you start on hour nine through sixteen....and maybe even twenty hours.  A guy could pull $70k a year....simply as a bus driver, if he could pump up a sixteen hour day three or four times a week.

You'd think that passengers would start to ask questions....especially when accidents occur.  The organization is setting itself up for a massive court episode and a $10 million pay-off to just one or two people with neck injuries.

Manipulation and abuse?  Yeah.  But no one is going to say anything to stop this stupidity.

Simply Observations

The news media is reporting that the Air Force Academy...out there in Colorado....had their first real snowfall.  Naturally, there was a snowball fight to occur.  Reports indicate that two dozen cadets were injured and sent off to the base hospital at the conclusion of the snowball fight.  I sat and pondered over this.  I've been in snowball fights before....on Air Force installations....and I can't recall anyone ever getting wounded enough to deserve going to the base hospital.  I'm kinda wondering what the heck was going on, or if these guys are a bunch of wussies who freaked out once they got hit with a snowball.

PBS's news host....Jeff Brown...stood up at a weekend episode to discuss the state of news in America last weekend.  Basically, he says the whole nation is all fragmented up and in a terrible state of woes.  Naturally, the only fix you can see.....we all need to go back to ABC/CBS/NBC and stick to their vision of American news.  I paused over and pondered.  The one thing I've come to grasp over the past two that some journalists....aren't journalists any longer.  They've become cheerleaders.  They can't write real journalistic material....they can't analyze....they can't be independent in their thoughts.  It doesn't take more than two minutes to see through some comical one-sided news cast.  And Jeff wants me to stick to just viewing that....alone?  He has to be pretty naive....if you ask me.

The topic came around in the USA Today...could the University of Alabama play against, and beat NFL teams?  Course, NFL coaches quickly jumped and scoffed at the idea.  The Bama players are simply mere mortals and unable to play at such a level.  I stopped and pondered at this point.  There are at least eight teams in the NFL which I'm pretty confident that Bama could meet and easily beat.  I kinda admit....going to Green Bay and playing in blizzard conditions would be heck for a Bama guy to handle.  We just aren't used to blizzards.  But on the whole....I suspect the NFL might be shocked at what one mere mortal NCAA team might accomplish on a Sunday afternoon.  And if the game were to start at noon....I'm pretty sure every church in Bama would adjourn at 1130, to allow everyone to get home and watch the game....after a full thirty minutes of prayer to assist Coach Saban to overcome the opposition.

Finally, an Indian tribal argument has erupted in Wetumpka, Bama.  The local tribe has property....which has been dealt out to a fancy casino company to build a 20-story hotel and a sizable casino. To be kinda honest, this is the tallest building within a hundred miles and the local folks would be drawn like flies to honey.  The Creek Indians of Bama....are fully behind the deal and already signed the paperwork.  The Creek Indians of Oklahoma....which is the big cheese party of the whole Creek Nation....consider the property to be holy-land.  My best guess is that the local Creeks refused to give a portion of the profits to the national Creek guys.  This got to a point where construction had to be halted.  I'm guessing the local Creek chief drove over....had some campfire discussions with the big tribal guys in Oklahoma, and ironed this out.  No one knows what was discussed, but folks seem happy now.  We are fifteen months away from the completion of the casino.  I'm guessing Wetumpka folks are foaming at the mouth....waiting in anticipation of a chance to dump $3k a year at their local casino while drinking cheap drinks and eating at the $7.99 buffet restaurant.  They will be forever changed.