Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Black Friday Topic

For the last couple of days, I've been watching and reading over the "Black-Friday" feelings.  A number of folks are upset about this deal of pushing "Black-Friday" over into Thanksgiving day....thinking it's a terrible thing.  Some unions are upset that you've started to demand employees show up in the middle of Thanksgiving evening or at 3AM on Friday morning.  Then you have the traditional folks who talk up the terrible misuse of this wonderful American holiday.

You have to have some grasp of American history to understand where this leads to.  Thanksgiving really wasn't much of an American thing until the midst of the Civil War....that the President simply used executive power and did a proclamation.  You have to wonder if this was a easily accepted by the public or just some free deal that the President was passing down.

For the next seventy-odd years, it stood as a proclamation, and nothing more.  Somewhere at the end of the 1941, the House and the Senate got into this and made it a national holiday.  For most of the next forty years....Friday was a regular work-day and no one ever said much about it.

To be honest, it's not a long and honored American tradition.  And "Black-Friday" isn't exactly a long developed trend.

I'm guessing that some city councils will eventually get involved and force all stores to stay closed until early on Friday morning.  The funny thing is that stores are now basing their success for the entire year....on this one twenty-four to thirty-six hour period.  If Lincoln or FDR had understood this game....they might have done it totally different.

The Gun Bill in Bama

Being from Bama, you have to appreciate odd things.

This past week, a state senator came up and submitted a bill.....that would require business operations to allow employees to bring guns into work.  This was to allow employees to fight back, if some nutcase went wild and started to shoot up the place.

Course, immediately owners stood up and said they just would NOT agree with this at all.  They probably know the truth....that two percent of their employees are crazy to start with, and this would just cause trouble in the end.

The definitive language of the bill would require you as the gun lock up the weapon either in your car or your locker.  You couldn't walk around, with the gun on your person.  And added to the guns around schools or universities.

I sat and pondered over this bill.  The truth is....there's maybe two incidents a year in Bama where some nutcase has to be stopped or he will kill a couple of folks at work.  Even if you kept your gun in the gun out in the parking lot....he'd have killed three people before you could retrieve your weapon.

But I see one other issue here.  Eventually....around lunch....guys would start to hang out in the parking lot and show off their weapons.  Joe would ask to see your French-made pistol.  Karl would ask if he could hold your Chinese-made assault rifle.  Mark would ask if you'd trade two Colt pistols for one Baretta.  The boss would be kinda upset about this gun swap and shop going on in his parking lot.  Then one day....Karl would accidentally shoot Ludlow....mostly because Karl has never handled a gun in his life.  The boss would be all upset about this shooting business, and naive handling of weapons.

So I'm mostly against the gun bill.  But, on the other hand....I do feel that every employee in Bama should be armed with a Bowie knife (the 13.5 inch type).....even women ought to be carrying them.  A knife can be a lot quicker to pull out and establish some accountability.  And the best part is that you wouldn't have to have some hidden pistol paperwork with the local authorities.

Yeah, I might be mixing fire and fuel on this topic.

The Hamas Story

Over the past week....even while on the road to Bama....I kinda noted a vast telling of the Israel and Hamas story.  Last night, I'd swear that CNN must have wasted an entire two hours....still trying to make it a Nobel Prize story.

So a brief two minute explanation as to why the mess ended so easily.

First, this Iron Dome defensive device?  It basically took on and hit roughly 85 percent of the rockets that the Hamas guys launched.  That's pretty amazing statistics.  But here's the other side of this kind figures where all the rockets come fly a drone over....figure the right spot, and you blast the area.  So any depot or hidden reserves that you had of pretty much wiped out.  The Hamas leadership might not want to admit it but it's hard to carry on a fancy war, if your number one weapon is cut out of the mess.

Second, the Israel guys decided to target the number one guys of various groups.  So the number two and three guys moved up.  That's not a reassuring deal for new leadership.  You may only have hours left to live.

Third, I'm guessing that the bankers and finance experts of Egypt stepped up pretty quick and noted how bad business has been over the past year in Egypt.  You don't want a bunch of unhappy and unemployed Egyptians running around the streets.  So you need this stability thing fixed up real quick.

Fourth and final....if you noticed today....the Egyptian President announced that he'd gained vast new powers.  Course, the court system and Parliament were kinda surprised over this, and I'm guessing he was on a schedule and this little war was not to the advantage of his power business.

As much as CNN might want to waste forty-five minutes telling this story....there just isn't that much to tell.