Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Vegas Train

It won't make the national news....but an odd service will start up in late 2013 out in California.  It's a 'party-train' that will run from LA to Las Vegas.

It's a train dedicated to getting you from one city to another....no stops apparently along the way.  I sat and pondered over the time involved.  The news sources say the train trip will take approximately five hours.  If you took the bus run?  Well....it's just over five hours.  There's not a lot of difference.  So why would a guy pick this over the bus?

The price?  Currently....they think the trip will run around $99.  I have some doubts that this would be the bus pricing scheme.

The selling point is that the train is bulky and you can actually get up and walk around.  The cars will all be set up in some fashion for folks to mingle, which you really can't do on a bus.

It's hard to say if this will be a success or not.  If they just offered free parking out at the train station in LA.....they might attract a fair number of folks.