Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Simply Observations

First, the BBC folks are in trouble....for putting clothing on primitive folks.  BBC put up a series about the history of mankind....which naturally had to involve a bunch of primitive folks who walked out of Africa, and into Europe.  These tribes were shown in the show with various clothing hide body parts (which we will not go into detail about).  The nature folks think this is terrible because mankind was naked for the most part as they walked around 100k years ago, or at least they think that.  I sat and pondered over this.  Most guys would have gotten to wearing some kind of clothing the minute things got cool or cold.  Even in Africa....they tend to have cool days on occasion.  So I'm thinking the nature guys might be wrong on this idea.

Second, in the game of taxes, we have a new twist.  In the UK, there is a suggestion presently that foreign companies operating in the UK....ought to pay more taxes, than regular companies based out of the UK.  In other words....always try to find one more player with a bigger stink than dump on.  The player that they are attempting to drag into higher taxes?  Google.  If only they were a UK company....they could be taxed at a hefty sum, but being Google, they need to be taxed at a XXL-hefty sum.  It's only logical, you know.

Third, and final....this new GM Spark, the complete battery car with no alternate means of about to be produced for around $25k per car.  It's hard to say if this will sell or not.  It would be strictly suburban folks to buy it, and no one has been clear on how far it'd go with one charge.  Personally, you'd have to be a fair-risk buy strictly a battery car.  Seems like the tow truck drivers will be getting a bonus out of this production line.