Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Prospecting Shows

Between the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.....there are four shows on gold prospecting going on.  I have to least at present....I'm kinda addicted to them.  I admit....the shows all seem and feel 'fake' to some degree.  But it's entertaining.

There are always elements to each show.   Various dramas are unfolding.  Danger lurks around the corner.  Machines break.  Tempers flare.  Partners lose patience.  Gold is found.  Disaster seems to be a moment away.

The amazing thing is that they can build an entire hour over one week of effort....stretching out roughly forty-two minutes of video with eighteen minutes of commercials.

My guess is that they probably are nearing the maximum number of gold interest in the public, and there might be one more season left in this gold business before they have to go and find some other fake show to pump people up.

I noticed last week that there's a Amish Mafia show about to start up.  That ought to be fairly fake.