Monday, 3 December 2012

The Football Discussion

A couple of days ago....some football player from the Kansas City Chiefs ended up in an argument with his girlfriend.....then shot her.  He went to the stadium....where he had a brief talk with the management, and then killed himself in front of them.  Hours later....sports announcer Bob Costas got into a discussion on the air....then proclaimed if this guy had not had a gun, then he would not not have shot the girlfriend....thus life would be better than what happened.

I paused and pondered over the commentary.

By Sunday, there were some comments over the mental health of the football player.  Over the few years of football that he'd played (he was twenty-five this year).....he had various issues from concussions.  He was mixing pain-killers and booze.  He wasn't exactly able to grasp his direction in life or feel any emotions.

Rather than go in the direction as Bob Costas....I'd go the other direction....that football probably is heading toward a discussion over impacts and concussions.  I'm of the mind that between 2025 and 2030....we will eventually agree that football impacts are dangerous and harming people.  Yes, we just might outlaw high school football, and then onto college football.  All you need is three or four states to implement some tough rules, and football would start to dissolve.

Will Costas be upset by this?  Yes, because football paid for his salary and his profession.  The gun discussion?  It doesn't work well when you star to talk about impact and brain damage.

My Suggestion

After watching about ninety minutes of fiscal pit discussions and tax talk yesterday....I have this idea.

We create a 99-percent tax bracket which three-quarters of the country fits into.  I know....that gets you a bit excited.  It generally means....out of every one hundred dollars you pay $99 on it for taxes.

But here's the thing, we invent 4,555 new tax credits.  You get a credit for owing a lawn mower.  You get a credit for buying a Lazy-boy recliner.  You get a credit for owning a hunting dog.  You get a credit for buying beer.

At the end of this mess you end up paying sixteen percent of your income to the federal tax folks.

This 99-percent rate makes the media happy, the Democrats happy, the drunks happy, the poor happy, the anti-capitalists happy, and the Mexican government happy (they are happy most of the time anyway).

Course, after six months, they all kinda wake up and realize that tax credits really screw up their happiness, but for a fleeting period, they were awful happy.  And.....they probably spent $66 trillion on butterfly studies, paving the Senate parking lot, free butter for the welfare recipients of America, and new sprinkler heads for the White House lawn during that six month period.

So lets get with the program....99-percent tax brackets for everyone.