Friday, 7 December 2012

Tax Cuts

Back around 2001, there was this White House agenda to get a tax cut on the stimulate the US economy.  Eventually, Congress passed it, and it was referred to as the "Bush Tax Cuts".  For those who remember watching CNN and the various news media was a terrible thing.  Various experts appeared on CNN and told everyone of how this tax cut would help only the rich....the millionaires of America.  As the implementation was started....the media pumped out one final push of the terrible Bush Tax Cuts.

So what happened over a decade?  Well.....a number of middle-class folks took advantage of it, and bought cars, boats, and renovated their houses.

So now as the Bush Tax Cuts are coming to an end on 1 January 2013, the media has shifted around to the defense of the terrible Bush Tax Cuts.  Hour after hour of CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and business news networks are chatting about saving the tax cuts.

To some, it's confusing because they remember what was said a decade ago.  Strangely enough.....all the experts the networks used ten years ago....have disappeared.  So we have new experts to proclaim the greatness of the tax cuts and why they must remain.

Yes, it is confusing.  Yes, it'd be nice if they had 'real' experts.  And yes, they are probably wrong on fifty percent of the positions they take.

The New Problem

Starting in January....two states will offer up the option of legal smoking of marijuana.  Over the last month since the vote.....the cops in both states (Washington and Colorado) have started thinking about how exactly you will stop a car, and determine if folks are too high to operate the vehicle.  For booze, it was all pretty simple and you had those preliminary tests before the blood-alcohol tests.

For booze consumption, it was all pretty simple.  You added up your weight, figured the alcohol content of the item (beer, wine or Jacky D's), and came to a hourly consumption rate.  You could generally drink one glass of wine for each sixty to seventy minutes....unless you were 120 pounds, and then you could figure ninety minutes.

I thought there might be a simple rate of marijuana consumption but I was wrong after reading into this mess.  You the cops point out.....first, there's the amount you smoked.....then there's the location where it was grown, and then there's the method that it was grown under.

So Joe could smoke half a joint of brand X, and be very doped-up for forty-five minutes.  Joe could smoke an entire joint of brand Y and only be doped-up for twenty minutes.  Then Joe could smoke brand Z and be doped-up for two hours.

You can imagine the cop stopping you and coming to some conclusion over your state of doped-up, and arresting you.  He'll have to have a gadget of some type to be sure of your precise situation.

The door is about to open for some smart guys to develop various testing devices and sell them for $15k each to the cops.  Every cop in Washington and Colorado will end up with some gadget within two years that measures your doped-up state of mind.  All of this will lead folks to try to grasp and understand consumption, growth, and method of growth.

Folks will sit around and say brand X is the best to smoke if you were going to drive, or brand Y is ok to use if you drive sixty minutes after consumption.  Folks will appear on CNN as "experts" and advise folks, and then we will start to see entire institutions appear to act as the absolute experts on the field of marijuana.  Most of us will simply shake our heads and remember when this wasn't an issue.