Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ten Simple Observations

First, from all these various 'shooter' guys we've seen in the past three years.....almost all had some type of medication that they were on.  Just makes a guy wonder.

Second, with a bunch of union guys upset about the governor and state legislature in Michigan passing right-to-work....what is the big deal?  Well....the unions take that little bit you give them....and pass it to various Democratic candidates down the line.  So if "Little Joe" can only provide sixty percent of the normal loot to Senator Snuffy's campaign.....where does Senator Snuffy turn to get better support?  Just something to wonder about.

Third, not that it really matters....but out of nineteen million Florida residents....almost one million have registered for a concealed weapons permit.  That one hour at the mall you visit in least sixty people that you bump into or pass....are toting a pistol.  Strangely's not bothering anyone much or causing death and mayheim.  Just something to ponder.

Fourth, after you watch an hour of MSNBC and get to the emphasis of what news they televise....over ninety percent relates to Republicans or Fox News.  If it wasn't for Libya, North Korea, and Syria....MSNBC could spend almost the entire hour talking up evil Republicans.  Just something to ponder.

Fifth, does anyone really care if only seven percent of the eight graders in Detroit can read at their level?  Let's face it....they graduate in roughly four years (if lucky), and you can figure that most all of the graduates (90 percent) will be lucky if they read at the seventh-grade level at age eighteen.  The state and county pays out hundreds of millions in salary for the teachers, and this is the best they can do.  Don't worry about it.....we need folks who can do clean-up work, drive forklifts, and do asbestos clean-up work....might as well be these punks.  Just something to ponder.

Sixth, the state of California is paying this guy.....a psychiatrist who works for the state prison system.....$822k a year.  He makes four times the amount of the California state governor.  No one seems to care about this financial relationship between the governor and a state employee.  No one seems to know where the money comes pay the psychiatrist who works for a state prison.  The odds are....if this doc just stays on for another four years.....will be clearing $1 million a a state employee.  Imagine the pension deal for this guy.  Just something to ponder.

Seventh.....some dimwit was standing there in Gaza.....the land of the PLO, and had this scented perfume barrel on their hands.  They needed some nifty name and figured they'd just use "M-75"....the name for the rockets that the Gaza guys had been firing into Israel.  Well....M-75 is selling like hotcakes on the streets of Gaza.  Everyone is buying the stuff.  It's thirteen bucks a bottle, for both men and women.  Folks are buying for their wives, their sons, their kids, their dog, even Grandma.  It's the most brilliant move in PLO economical history.  And a cut to the makers of the M-75 missile?  No.  Just something to ponder.

Eighth.....'Dave' from Storage Wars (one of the reality shows for the History Channel and Discovery)....came out this week and basically said the show was fake.  Goodness.  And the Gold Rush show?  Well.....yeah, it's fake too.  The lumberjack show?'s fake too.  The Bamazon show?  Yeah, fake.  The pawn shop show?  Fake.  The problem is that we've used up every formula....single guy living with two lusty ladies, the southern Marine goofball with Sarge, the hillbillies who move to Beverly Hills, the three guys who are friends with three ladies, the football coach at some small university, the West Virginia kid who lives with a dozen relatives in the boonies, the four old Florida ladies, the lusty witch gal married to a PR guy, and the old ranch dude with three sons always getting into trouble.  Yeah, we've used just about every trick in the book, and now....we have to use fake reality shows.  Just something to ponder.

Ninth, if you sit and watch enough hours of the Today come to this conclusion that it's formatted for a sixteen year old girl, a 30-year old soccer mom, or a 65-year old retired woman.  They are all happy with the format, and don't want anything changed.  Keep that Matt-dude on the air.....for their sake.  Just something to ponder.

Tenth and final.....some judge has to reopen the probation paperwork with Lindsay Lohan and declare that the state of California has to house her for 245 days in some type of low-action prison.  Only a suggestion here, but if they'd just arrange forty cameras around some minimum-guard facilities and allow a reality TV show to operate....the state could charge folks $4 a day to watch every move she makes or her buddies in prison.  Some guard gossip, some lesbian attention, some comments over the mashed potatoes, and you've got yourself a four-star Discovery fake-reality series.  I'd call it "Lohan on Ice".  State could use the loot for the TV pay-per-view deal and make a profit.  Just something to ponder.