Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It Ain't Over

There are stories that you can read through and judge that they just won't make the national news circuit.

Today?  The Maryland state tax office came to a discovery yesterday.....that even though the state voted and accepted gay marriage back about a month can't file a state tax return as a joint situation....if you are married to a gay.

You can only laugh at how all this works.

The public got all hyper about gay marriage and basically built one simple framework for the legislative process, and then repeated the same measure for the public vote.

The state tax folks say that their internal rules have always been that you can submit the state tax you would for federal tax returns.  Since the Feds haven't allowed the gay marriage stuff to enter into their rules.....the Maryland tax office is sitting there with no way of fixing this.

In all of these gay marriage episodes underway.....they will all pay the single-rate deal, not the married deal.

By March of 2013, you can already expect to hear the daily whining out of Maryland over this 'stupid' rule.  The folks who voted against gay marriage will have a laugh because in truth.....the gays aren't enjoying all the benefits of a real marriage.  There's a limitation factor that now exists.  A court challenge?  Yeah.....but it won't hit the Supreme Court until the fall of 2013 at the earliest  and it might even be the summer of 2014 before the court renders a verdict.

Did the legislature know about this issue back in 2011 when they were picking up the bill and discussing this?  I'm taking a guess that some of them knew it'd occur.

So, the mess just lurches on, and a bunch of grumpy gay folks in Maryland are going to be commonplace.