Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Clip Story

About a week ago, David Gregory of NBC news did a piece on his Sunday talk-show episode on gun control.....showing a large ammo clip for full-effect. DC, where the studio is located.....its against the law (locally) to own or have such a clip.

Naturally, the DC cops have admitted that they have to check out this episode.  NBC, the Washington Post, and CNN.....will all keep quiet over this episode.  So I will tell you how it plays out.

Fred and Marty from the DC crime detective episode are pulled out of street crime and sent to do the ammo clip investigation. Fred and Marty will both admit they've never watched the NBC Sunday talk-show.....but that won't matter.

So Fred and Marty show up at the NBC studios in meet Karl, the front door guard, who packs a pistol and is authorized to shoot anyone bringing harm to the NBC staff.  Karl, Fred, and Marty chat for a while about the Redskins, and then get to business.  Karl calls management.  A half-an-hour into the episode.....some manager comes down.

The manager admits that David Gregory, his producer, and the next five guys are all out of the building.  NBC lawyers are quietly working on some compromise to get this mess fixed up.

Eventually, some number six guy.....a 25-year old junior producer will admit.....while he is from Virginia where it's legal to have such a clip.....he was the owner and the one to bring it into the studio in DC.....not David David shouldn't be in trouble.  David puts out a two-line statement to admit the junior producer is the culprit.

The DC cops meet with the prosecutor.  The problem here is that they really don't want any trouble.  If you did punish David Gregory.....the NBC folks might pack up and move the studio over to Silver Springs or the way that the Redskins left town.  So they rig up a fancy statement.  The ammo clip must be turned in and the junior producer gets a felony charge which is a mark against him but no jail time or such because he was awful nice about the whole thing.

Everyone smiles and laughs over the ending.

Now, for your sake.....over the past three years in one has died from an assault rifle shooting that I know you might say this law has worked.  Course, over 350 people have died from knives, pistols or just plain three years.

My humble guess is that David Gregory will avoid any mention of gun control for at least six months because everyone makes a joke out of his prop and the fact that he won't admit he was the guy who should have gotten the felony charge.