Sunday, 6 January 2013

Expulsion Story

It's an odd statistic that you don't normally come across.  Here in the DC area (just across the river from me)....they run a number of charter schools....separate from the public school system.  Charter schools have a vastly different method of operation.

Today, they released the expelled numbers.  The charter schools have expelled 600-odd kids over the past three years....almost two hundred per year.  The public school system?  Well....they only expelled twenty-four kids in the same year period.  Higher expectations?  Yeah....the charter folks demand accountability....while the public school system just accepts what they have.

Some folks will make the comment that rowdy kids quickly get the boot in the charter-system.  Well...maybe so....but you don't want to waste time on some kid who is constantly fighting the system or demanding twice as much teacher attention as a regular kid.

The statistic kinda tells the story of DC.  You'd like to see a better schooling system that would take kids and really give them a four-star education.  The regular school system just can't do it.  By the time you add up the issues, the lower-quality teachers, the phony talk of change, and constant brewing of parent-teacher question how things can work themselves out.

Leave the District?  Oh my....that's usually not an option.  Folks have grown up with the District mentality and just can't imagine existing somewhere else.  So kids stay and try to survive, and life just goes best as you can make it.

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