Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Simply Observations

VP Joe Biden came out today and said that most things that needed to be done for gun control....could just be executive orders by the President...end of the story. It is an amusing way to fix the problem.  Executive orders can only be carried out by federal personnel, not state or local folks.  So you would have a number of regulations which no local cops or state police would take to enforce.  Extra federal personnel to enforce the additional regulations?  Only if Congress approved them....and that's not likely to happen.  A gun registration database?  Who pays for it?  Yeah, this is a comical sort of discussion at this point, and I would imagine at least thirty states having major problems in allowing for such orders to be carried out in their states.  Federal judges?  They would invite all kinds of violations and cases to head up to the Supreme Court within weeks after implementation.

Sodas linked to depression?  Well...some smart guys say there's are statistics to prove this.  Anything that had ample amounts of sugar added, from flavor drinks to sodas to sweet ice tea.  The best suggestion?  Well....from a guy from Bama....stick with coffee, beer, buttermilk, ice tea plain, and pure spring water.

There's talk around NCAA football circles about a growing acceptance with the governor-board, to pay college players to play.  The deal?  Nothing is said over this and it might be five to eight years before anyone really stamps this final.  My humble opinion is that you'd line up a max limit that any team in the top twenty-five teams could pay across the board.  If your team was alloted $500k, and you elected to offer up $10k a year to some high school quarterback'd be your choice, and each year...maybe bump him up another $10k.  Course, this invites a huge discussion over how you'd collect the money and pay it out.  If you think the NCAA has a mess to watch over's bound to only grow.

Finally, today, the mayor of DC has called for the Washington Redskins to change their name.  He believes it's an insult to various native American folks.  I tend to agree.  I think it ought to be renamed the Las Vegas Redskins.  That ought to settle the mayor's problem.  

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