Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The No-Pay Solution

With the House leadership now discussing the idea of sliding no-pay for any House or Senate member, without a budget in place.....it begs for some analysis.

Basically, you'd have to entice the Senate to come to the table and discuss reasonable budget building.  A failure would result in no budget, and thus no pay for the Senators or House members.

Could they make this happen in 2013?  No.  Because of the way that the Constitution is fixed....they could only put this into effect in October of 2014.

Is it even worth committing to.....if it's over eighteen months away?  Yes.

Since the Senate hasn't passed a budget bill in almost four years....it's a likely chance that nothing will be worked out now in 2013, or into the summer of 2014.

What happens as we advance to October of 2014?  Well....there's a national vote for some states and all House members.  If there is no budget....then they'd be having the vote in November of 2014, with no pay-checks coming in.

I would imagine that some Senators would have to admit that they can't function in such an environment. Some will admit they are millionaires and frankly don't care.....which maybe their voters might have a curious interest about their wealth and how they acquired it.

A bigger mess by October 2014?  Probably so.  I wouldn't expect any budget movement by the Senate and this no-pay solution would start to attract alot of interest by this summer.  Most Americans would readily agree with it, and thus pose a bigger problem for the Democrats than just skipping the budget discussion.

Can a Senator survive a year or two without a pay-check?  I have my doubts that most can make it without that monthly check.  It might turn out to be the best solution in the end.

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