Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Eighteen Percent

The Washington Post went out and did a poll.  They asked a bunch of Americans if they fully understand what the heck sequestration is about and how will effect the nation.  The poll reveals....that only around eighteen percent said they grasp and understand what sequestration is about.

Strangely enough, a poll last year revealed that eighteen percent of Americans were unable to vote for a Mormon (of any political variety) for President.

Strangely enough, only eighteen percent of the American public.....think highly of Congress.  Don't ask about the other eighty-two percent.

Strangely enough, eighteen percent of women admitted that they had tanned indoors rather than outdoors for 2012.

Strangely enough, the hunter folks say that North Dakota's pheasant count....for up eighteen percent.

Strangely enough, statistics folks have discovered that in 1900.....almost eighteen percent of the American work-force....was under the age of 16.

Strangely enough, some shopping experts discovered in December of 2012.....that roughly eighteen percent of the American public.....doesn't shop for gifts.

Maybe the Post is onto something.  The Sequestration is so confusing.....that more people probably understand the difference between Beta and VHS, the proper way to deep-fry a turkey, or can explain the NCAA bowl selection process.

Yep, it's time to wind up Matt and the Today Show folks.....and educate America.  Then Sequestration will be on the same level as pumpkin pie.

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